Universal-please release COMFORT AND JOY

Discussion in 'DVD' started by larry bender, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. larry bender

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    Jul 4, 2003
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    COMFORT AND JOY is a great little Scottish film from the director of LOCAL HERO that deserves a dvd release.
  2. Peter Apruzzese

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    Dec 20, 1999
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    Peter Apruzzese
    I'll second this suggestion! It's a wonderful little picture that's also perfect Christmastime viewing.
  3. Mark Edward Heuck

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    Jul 25, 2000
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    Hmmm...now here's a curious situation.

    COMFORT AND JOY was a Kings Road production released by Universal. U had a deal with them at the time that covered movies like ALL OF ME, CREATOR, and THE BEST OF TIMES.

    Initially, Kings Road retained their own home video rights to these movies, and they were licensed out to other companies. However, COMFORT AND JOY was the only Kings Road title that Universal themselves handled on videotape.

    So, I don't know whether Universal still has rights to it or not. If not, then the next in line to beseech would be Lions Gate, who inherited the Kings Road license from their buyout of Trimark. ALL the Kings Road titles they control are in desperate need of new anamorphic transfers and some extras.

    Yes, Bill Forsyth, sorely underrated.

    "If anyone's going to do damage to my car from now on, it's going to be me!" [​IMG]
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  4. davidmatychuk

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    David Matychuk
    There are three beautiful-looking stills from Bill Forsyth's "Comfort And Joy" (in HD and widescreen!) on the new Criterion Blu-Ray of "Sullivan's Travels", which includes a newly-made featurette with Mr. Forsyth's observations on that Preston Sturges classic. It turns out he had "Sullivan's Travels" in mind when he introduced the "Comfort And Joy" subplot about Bill Paterson's character wanting to make serious radio documentaries. Please put out "Comfort And Joy" in its entirety, Criterion!

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