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  1. KennethF

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    Aug 5, 2002
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    I'm placing a surround sytem in my office primarily to play music. As I like both dvd-audio and sacd, in addition to standard cd, I was wondering if anyone could offer some feedback from the current crop of universal players regarding their audio performances. Also, would it be worth it to wait until the new Denon universal player comes out in May?

    Thank you for your help...
  2. Carl Mulder

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    Nov 25, 2002
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    Im also after a universal player. I want sacd and dvd audio also, but I want a good picture with dvd video so choosing a player will be tough.
    Ive seen the Marantz and onkyo players and they sound exellent but the progressive output for the picture isn't as good as the denons.
    The new Denon 2900 Universal player looks to be the way to because, even if it doesn't bother you, has great picture, just amazing.
    The sound I have not heard but it is said to have the same look and sound as the 3800 from denon.

    I waiting for the denon, looks to be light years ahead of the rest of the competition. This is all I want from a player, great picture great sound.
    This will be my player until hd-dvd comes out.
    Can't wait for the 2900.

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