Universal: New Ownership and the Upcoming Hitchcock collecton

Discussion in 'DVD' started by dana martin, Jun 23, 2005.

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    A large request for the upcoming Hitchcock set, i know that this is going to sound a little off putting, but if it is just a release of what is already out, then hold off and give these the Legacy series treatments, that you are doing with the sting, you have such a rich heritage with these films, and i don't mind the double dip if it enhances or adds insight to the movies themselves, but just repackaging them and then one bonus disk to cover all the material isn't fair treatment to the subject matter or the innovations used by the master of suspense, i am not saying that all fifteen, need to be two disk sets but certain ones do deserve that treatment. i really want this set, but more so i want it done right.
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    Can Universal be trusted to do it right? Perhaps at one time, but now? We'll see.

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