Universal Family & Home Entertainment Returning To THE WOLFMAN

Discussion in 'Movies' started by SWFF, Mar 10, 2011.

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    This is just sad if they make a sequel and it ends up being a PG-13 Made-For-DVD flick. What the hell is wrong with studios these days?! First the cancellation of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS and now this possible travesty!

    SHOCK TILL YOU DROP: Universal Family & Home Entertainment is about to revisit The Wolfman.

    A project is currently out to writers and is said to be a period piece.

    Given the division of the studio that is developing this, it's possible that we're not going to get another theatrical feature film, but either made-for-DVD kids projects or films.

    I'm curious, will this pick up where last year's film left off and resume Abberline's story, or will they completely reboot it and return to exploring Larry Talbot's dilemma?

    More as it develops.
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    What is with the concept that any film that is supposedly "adult" needs to be R-rated? So every film that is not R-rated is now a "kid's film"? Hell, most of what gets an R-rating in your country ends up being rated as PG-13 or 14A up here.

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