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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by RoboBob, Mar 16, 2010.

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    Hi everybody! I have a DVR from Dish Network and it's worked without any problems in the past but tonight suddenly the picture has a weird effect. It's hard to explain but it looks like I should be wearing 3-d glasses to watch it, if that makes sense. It's especially noticeable when I watch cartoons. It looks like there are faint extra copies of the image. The picture on the TV looks good when I switch it off the dish, so I think the problem is the dish. I checked all the connections but everything seems to be ok. What should I do next?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Um... Call DISH Network?

    More seriously, whenever someone tells me they "checked all the connections" (I do computer support for a living) they invariably mean they looked at all the connections, usually from a couple of feet away, and that there are no obvious wires hanging loose. The problem is such an examination tells you precisely nothing. A connector can appear to be plugged in fine but still not making 100% contact. Gravity, vibration and slight movement from things like dusting are always shifting this stuff around and wires move. Static electricity can build up at an interface and interfere with a signal.

    The only way to actually verify that a wire running between two pieces of equipment is properly connected is to unplug it from both ends (while the two devices are powered off) and plug it back in.

    Speaking of connections - is the DISH connected directly to your TV, or does it run through an AV receiver? (If so, the receiver could be the culprit. Plus you now have to re-seat both ends of the wire(s) running from the DISH to the receiver, and the wire(s) running from the receiver to the TV.) How is it connected? Component? HDMI?

    What you're describing sounds like the "rainbow effect" visible in DLP TVs that use a color wheel, but that should affect all inputs, not just the DISH receiver.

    You really need to list the make and model of your TV, receiver and DISH DVR , and describe exactly how they are connected before we can really offer any concrete advice.



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