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Uncle Joe and Paramount movin' kinda slow (1 Viewer)

Mark To

Supporting Actor
Feb 23, 2004
Nice announcements by Paramount by other than Andy Griffith I don't see anything that I have any great interest in being talked about. Where are:
Mission Impossible
Petticoat Junction
Odd Couple
Get Smart
Beverly Hillbillies
The Fugitive
The Invaders
Ben Casey
The Untouchables
Streets of San Francisco
Our Miss Brooks
The Millionaire
Hawaii Five-O
Gomer Pyle
Mod Squad
The Lucy Show
Wild Wild West
etc., etc. etc.

Casey Trowbridg

Senior HTF Member
Apr 22, 2003
Sometimes I wonder how closely people read these articles...however, rather than reposting the last couple of paragraphs, I think this post from David Lambert says it all.

So, just because something wasn't mentioned doesn't mean that it won't come out.

Oh, and we probably didn't need a seperate thread for this.

Finally, there are some shows on Mark's list that I would love to see come out on DVD.

James Landau

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 9, 2001
Seems to me that if they were interested in releasing a series next year, they would at least hint at it (as per the Universal reference above). I think if there's anything more coming that they didn't mention, it's probably just additional releases of series they've already started. For this reason, I'm keeping my hopes up for season 2 of Have Gun, Will Travel. However, there's every indication that that show is really a CBS Home Video release and Paramount is just their distributor. If so, then I'm not at all surprised Paramount didn't mention it.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Mission Impossible, along with others such as Bosom Buddies, were mentioned a year ago this week at the first annual TV-DVD Conf. as among the titles Paramount wanted to bring out in 2004-2005. In the second-ever TV-DVD Conf. next Tuesday, we might get an update on that situation. We might also find out about more of the titles above.

But if we don't, I won't sweat it. After all, last year at the conf. there was no mention by Martin - either publicly or privately - of The Brady Bunch being even on the radar screen. SURPRISE!

I'm desperate for Get Smart myself, but I'm not pissing and moaning that it wasn't on Paramount's schedule. I know that there are issues going back and forth with Paramount, CBS, and Don Adams' family (including Adams himself). I don't know the details of those issues (so don't ask; I'm not keeping a secret, I just don't know the nature of the issues), just that there are supposedly "issues". So its no surprise to me to not see it mentioned there. Would the studio love to sell it? Hell, yeah!

I would be shocked if there weren't similar goings-on behind-the-scenes that prevents some other titles on Mark's long list from being talked about right now. I'm very, very sorry that anybody in the world could look at the hellaciously long list I posted and not find a single thing on it they wanted to get excited about. But, to each their own.

Back to Mission Impossible: I would be shocked and amazed if the 3rd film arrived and there wasn't a TV-on-DVD release to accompany it. But, when Martin mentioned it last year, the expected arrival at the time of the 3rd film was 2005. Now it's been pushed back a year, to 2006. So maybe the TV-DVD sets are waiting for it. They always want to tie in the release of the sets with the film if they can.

Same with War of the Worlds: as mentioned, the release of the new film is a perfect chance to get out a set of the TV show, which I enjoyed on its own terms. It also would appeal to many Highlander: The Series fans, at least from the 2nd season on (when Adrian Paul joined the cast), and that's a series of DVD box sets that has sold well enough. Plus, the first season of WotW was exec-produced by Greg (creator) and Sam Strangis. Sam's gone on to a small project or two. I think they're called CSI and CSI:Miami. :)

The WotW remake hits theaters (if all goes well) on June 25, 2005; most of my info about Paramount's schedule is actually from AFTER July 1, believe it or not. I expect the tie-in releases to come out before the remake hits theaters, not after. So it's a good bet that a WotW box set (along with WotW Special Collector's Ed of the original 1953 film) will end up listed on the Jan-Jun schedule...sooner or later.

Be patient! I know, that's hard to do. But there's no other answer. Sorry.

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