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    Admin: Please note, I posted in both hardware and building an HT (since I thought both areas were appropriate in this case).
    The three factors most of us look for in purchasing a product are...price, service and product (the cool factor, in this case).
    Check out the link for this personalized HT/audio signs: http://www.mobileimage.com/view.asp?CatID=33
    1)Price: looking at signs from show off displays, I think it is priced fairly...then you factor in that it can be personalized with your name and/or name of your HT...makes it a good value (in the arena that we are talking about)
    2) Service: I placed my order on Monday, received a copy of the layout on Tuesday, and the final product arrived via UPS in my office on Friday. That quick of turn around is top notch!!!
    3) Product: The cool factor applies (IMO) with this product. A very cool, iluminated audio sign, personalized with our family and theater name ("The Boster Plaza Theater Features"). This is not a cheap looking or feel to the final product....it's first class!
    I can't imagine anyone with a HT wouldn't want one.
    Ron Boster
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    It looks really good!
    do you have any pictures of your theater with the sign?
    Go see my new theater CINEMAX! updated 2001-08-01
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