Ultimate Progressive Scan DVD Player/Video Processor?

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    What do you guys think? I don't have the technical background to challenge what's written.
    It's a pretty hefty price, much more than the Denon-2800 I was thinking of getting. Is it that much better?
    Since they haven't been made yet, I know it's hard to tell but what does it "look" like on paper?
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    If you don't wish to build or use a HTPC, then a solution like this is pretty reasonable. I'm not saying that this particular product is, but deinterlacing and scaling the DVD source while still in the digital domain will yield a superior picture than multiple D/A, A/D conversions. You can get a similar effect by using the DVI outputs of a DVD player to the DVI inputs of a scaler, using the Cinematrix mod, which upgrades an existing player to a device similar to the PD-1000, or, as I said in the beginning, you can use a HTPC. A HTPC would be more work, but a lot less money.
    Having said all that, some of the things on that page are not correct. Even with this device, a Sony 12xx series projector will not display 1024x768 clearly, there will be scan line overlap at that resolution. 600p is the sweet spot for that projector. You could get 768p to look good with a really careful, professional set up, to maximize convergence and geometry, but you'd still have overlap making the picture appear a bit soft.
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