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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ChrisRuh, Jun 26, 2004.

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    Jun 9, 2004
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    Just thought I would mention that it seems Ubid.com has had a lot of Wharfedale manufacture-refurbished speakers on their site as of late. They have several speakers from the EVO line, Diamond line etc.....

    I ended up picking up a pair of EVO DFS (step up from the Diamond DFS) bipole surrounds for an *incredible* deal (well under $100) I ordered them on Wed and they arrived this morning (Saturday) with standard ground shipping.

    I've heard both positive and negative things about ubid.com but I have to say that it was a simple process and the speakers were well packed. I opened them up and I swear that I cannot tell that they are refurbished. They certainly look brand new and sound incredible. I figured that I was getting such a sweet deal (plus a 1-year manufactures warranty) I couldn't go wrong.

    If you're in the market for some speakers at an affordable price, I'd suggest taking a look. It was my first experience with ubid and I was a bit hessitant but everything went smooth.
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    The thing with Ubid is you have to look at the shipping charges before you bid. Sometimes the deal isn't so hot after shipping is tacked on. I've gotten about 7 pairs of speakers from Ubid by various mfgrs that were still a good deal with the shipping, though.

    I remember bidding on some refurbished Infinity powered towers about 4 years ago and winning the item, then having Ubid tell me they ran out of them. They gave me the option to just forget the whole thing had happened or accept a new pair of Bohlender Graebener Radia X3 floor standers at my winning bid price, which was $109 for each speaker, in place of the Infinities. I snatched the BG's up and still have them, but not using them currently.

    I consider myself lucky on that one since Harman International had a bad run of sub amps for awhile that were crappin' out in Infinity and JBL towers and subs, which is probably why the Infinities were refurbished in the first place.

    It looks like Ubid is now auctioning/selling "white van" speakers now.[​IMG] - the kind that can be found on Ebay.

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