UBER15 people...does stryke offer the only 18" PR solution?

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  1. For the upcomming UBER15, the we need a massive set of PR's. Strykes with 6L (6.7L according to John, but he rates "conservatively" on the site) of displacement and the ability to hold up to 3000g with the dual spider setup, seems to be the only current option that is viable.

    Is there anything else available that I am not aware of??? (the ContraBass 18"PR's probably are not easy to come by)
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    Hi guys,

    Yes, the Stryke PRs do indeed offer some more Vd and mass capability than our 10 year old PRs. Ours are also quite expensive as they are a royal PITA to make accurately since at the time we had to use parts not quite intended for the application. We are actually in the process of upgrading the PR's capabilites for the Theater Calibrated version of the ContraBass. In reality, the Contra PR does have a little more Sd with it's smaller surround, so needs a hair less Xmax to get the same Vd. For non-residential use the benefits are probably very small as you can't reach excursion limits without significantly overpowering the system. In home theater use there is generally a larger crest factor that can justify the tweak. If you look at our rating of 500W short term, it is for a pink noise input with a 6dB crest factor for 15 seconds. This means that somewhere in that 15 seconds, power actually hits 2kW. Of course if you put 2000W into the motor for any length of time, you will have a very stinky and imobile motor.

    I have talked with John Janowitz about checking out some of the parts they use for the PRs to consider for our use. These appear to be some very nice PRs. From Stryke or others I expect we will be somewhere in the ballpark of those in the very near future.

    Heavy PRs are exactly what is needed to allow for some wacky alignments to take full advantage of these drivers. We'll see what happens, and if someone can make available some PRs which can really push the limits.


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