Two turntables for sale

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Nathan J, Jan 29, 2004.

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    Mar 24, 2002
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    I have two brand new Stanton STR8-100 turntables for sale.
    I used then in my bedroom only a couple of times, and they are in PERFECT condition, but unfortunately, I have to sell them.

    Asking $300 per table.
  2. Nathan J

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    Mar 24, 2002
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  3. Nathan J

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    Mar 24, 2002
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    Here are some more specs on the tables.

    Who says you can't teach an OLD dog NEW tricks?!?!…Can your turntable do this?
    Play forward & reverse with the same amount of torque even at speeds up to 45 & 78 rpm?
    Allow you to plug directly into ANY mixer without a phono in or ground cable?
    How about connecting directly to your computer or other digital sampler?
    What about "Key Correction" changing the tempo (bpm) without changing the pitch (note)?
    You can even use the MP3 line in sending audio through your turntable without having to even touch your mixer.
    Come on DJ's Get it STR-8™...The New STANdards are coming from STANton:

    Completely re-inventing the wheel is not an easy job... But someone has to do it. So starting with the industry standards we have re-built the turntable, kept all of the desired features that today's DJ's need and even included some from the future. Introducing the STR8-100 and the ST-100, 2 super high torque turntables that include all the best features of both the analog and digital worlds. Once you have put your hands on deck.... you'll never look at turntables the same way again.

    New Digital Features (* indicates features not found on Technics SL1200):
    Key Correction (Change the speed without changing the key)*
    Digital output [S P/DIF] (Plug straight into S/P DIF equipped MAC/PC, MD, or CD Recorder)*
    Selectable phono or line output (Plug straight into a board with no phono in)*
    3.5mm line input (plug portable players into it)*
    Manual pitch bend [up to 6%]*
    Blue LED's & indicators
    Standard Features
    High torque direct drive motor (2.2 Kgf-cm)
    Aluminum face-plate
    Height adjustable Skip-proof straight tone arm!!!
    Reverse function
    3 speeds [33,45,78]
    Quartz Lock
    Selectable pitch control [+/-8%, +/-16%, +/-25%]
    Aluminum platter
    Height adjustable tone arm
    Motor off feature
    Retractable target light
    Adjustable feet
    Includes headshell, slipmat, and all cables
    Settings for Stanton STR8 Series Turntable

    Specifications for the STR8-100
    Description Measurement
    Motor 8 Pole, 3 Phase, Brushless DC motor
    Turntable Platter 330mm dia. Aluminum diecast
    Wow and Flutter Less than 0.20% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3 RPM
    S/N Ratio More than 50dB (DIN-B)
    Pitch Controls +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-25%
    Starting Torque More than 2.2
    Braking System Electronic Brake
    Power Supply AC 115V/230V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 15 Watts
    Dimensions 17 3/4" W x 5" H x 14 5/8" D
    450mm(W) x 352mm(H) x 148mm(D)
    Weight 9.5 Kg

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