Two thumbs up to Sony customer service!! Samsung should follow suit...

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dave>h, Sep 26, 2011.

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    "Get good service and you tell your friends, get bad service and you tell everyone" So true! And before I begin, let me say, I don't really like Sony and have never purchased a Sony product before... However, I wanted to relate a story told to me last night by a very good friend, Charles. Charles bought a 42 inch Sony projection LCD 4 years ago (like a DLP). Recently, the light bulb had begun to dim so he purchased a new bulb, a Sony bulb specific to his TV. He installed the bulb per instructions in the user manual and the TV worked fine for about a week or so. After a week, the TV developed a 1/2 inch wide red line across the top of the screen. Charles emailed Sony about the problem. I am paraphrasing as I don't have the original email but Sony's response went something like this: "We are sorry to hear about the problem you are having with your Sony TV and the new lightbulb. We know this is an issue with these TV's. In order to compensate you for your trouble, we would like to offer you a BRAND NEW SONY LCD TV. This is a one time only offer and you have 7 days to respond. We can offer you a 40 inch LCD for $50 or a 46 inch LCD for $75 (to cover our shipping costs). Please indicate your preference by return email and contact customer service at this number with your credit card details." Seven days later, Charles receives, delivered to his front door, A BRAND NEW SONY 46 INCH LCD!!!! Way to go Sony!!!!!!!!!! That is treating your loyal customers right. That is right, a 4 year old, old technology TV is replaced by a brand new larger, better TV. I have a Samsung LED LCD that I bought 2 years ago for $2k+. After 6 months it developed the clouding issue. It was UNDER WARRANTY. I called Samsung and they sent someone out to look at the TV. His response and the response I got directly from Samsung and I am paraphrasing again... "We are sorry to hear you have a problem with your TV. The clouding issue with our TV's is inherent to the technology and is noticable in dark rooms. The TV is meant for viewing in lighted rooms. Please turn on a light as there is nothing we can do." Any reps from Samsung reading this, see SONY example above on how to treat your customers!!!!!!!! My next TV will most likely be a Sony now (as much as it pains me to say so) but with that kind of Customer service, Sony definitely has the edge. BRAVO Sony BRAVO. And a big BOO HISS to Samsung for their SHOCKINGLY BAD customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards, Dave PS - I turned on a light and it helped but the issue is still noticeable.
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    My 46" Sony LCD, out of warranty, developed horizontal banding. Sony's phone rep advised that my TV had an additional 5 year warranty on the panel because of the banding issue. The following week my new panel was delivered and installed for free.

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