Two 5.1 Players/only One 5.1 Input!!!!!

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Mike_Pal, Oct 24, 2003.

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    It sure is tough to find a switcher that will handle 5.1 analog .....I have a Denon 3800 DVD Player, and it plays DVD-Audio, and I want to get an SACD Player( not too expensive...Sony DVD755 ), I would have 2 sets of 5.1 outputs and only have one set of 5.1 inputs.....
    I have seen a Zektor switcher for about $450.00.....a little pricey for a switcher......I am supposing some of you out there have also run into this problem....
    Is a trip to Radio Shack in order???? Would it work to use a couple of their $15.00 A/V Switcher/Selectors....someone told me I could use the composite video plug as an audio plug, that way I only need 2 Switcher/Selectors instead of 3.......
    There must be a good demand for such a switcher.......
    How are others handling this problem????[​IMG]
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    You have the options nailed down.

    In addition to Rat Shack, MCM Electronics sells one that has much better build quality, although its a few bucks more.

    Sonically, there should be no difference between the cheapies and the high dollar Zektor.

    Also, Shawn Fogg makes one which I have seen mentioned for about $250 or so. Don't have any contact info on that.


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