Two [2] New SCTV DVD Petitions

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    There are now two [2] new SCTV DVD Petitions. One written by Justin Pate who wrote the first SCTV on DVD Petition...

    No more best of SCTV DVD sets - only complete seasons

    and one by myself...

    SCTV on DVD "Clear The Music" Petition

    There are also other ways for SCTV fans to make a difference to the future of SCTV on DVD. You can also write letters to Shout! Factory expressing that you want to inform copyright holders that allowing their music on the SCTV DVD's would be positive, profitable and worthwhile. Let them know that SCTV fans would appreciate it if they would reconsider their position at the bargaining table. Feel free to create your own letter or use one of these...

    If you run an SCTV site or page why not become a supporter of the SCTV on DVD Campaign?

    Shawn, webmaster,
    SCTV on DVD Campaign
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    I'm just marking this to look at later.

    Watched the first episode from Set 1 yesterday. Great fun!

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