Tweaked DVD Picture perfect, but now Cable Input looks like Crap (rp56, panny 47" HD)

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    Hello, I just recently got a panny HDTV 47" set (PT47WX49). I did the SVM mod along with the Red Push mod and got the DVD picture (Componment 1) looking pretty darn good. When I go back to look at normal cable, it looks very green, it looks horrible. I thought the that the picture settings were independant for different sources, whenever I change it for one, it takes affect for all of my input sources. I have a progressive rp56 panny dvd player. How can I set the tv so that I can have both cable and dvd look great, it seems if I get the dvd good, the cable goes bad and vise versa. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Note that I am inputting in progressive mode, I think if i inputted in interlaced mode the colors would be a little better for the cable.
    Also when I opened the cover on the front of the set to access the focus knobs (on the black box around the size of a creditr card) I see the 3 focus knobs and I also see 3 more knobs that have "screen" labled to the right of them, anyone know what these do?
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    Just had my set ISF calibrated. First of all, if it's not at D6500K, chances are your PT-47 is too far on the green side anyway. That's what my PT-47 was before it was ISF'd.
    Second of all, some values are independent, and some aren't. I don't think color is independent, but brightness (in the service menu) is. So my set had the prog. way brighter than the interlaced. All I did was set my user level of brightness to the progressive, and then bumped up my service menu brightness to make the interlaced signal match up (I switched from prog. to interlaced on the fly on my RP91 while using AVIA's brightness pattern).
    Good luck.

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