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TV's and other items for sale...............

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by jeffreyWei, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. jeffreyWei

    jeffreyWei Auditioning

    Aug 11, 2004
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    I have a beautiful Mitsubishi Diamind 65 inch HDTV.
    It is the flagship of the Mitsubishi line. Black laquer/burlwood finish. Same color as AMG Mercedes interior trim. Not one scratch or chip. Diamond shield anti glare screen. Contrast and brightness have been at below half settings since day one. Model WS65908
    This TV was 4999 new. It is 2 years old. And has very low hours. The set if large but unlike most RPTV, this one come apart in 2 pieces for easy moving. I have all manuals and remote. It is also under a extended 5 year warranty that covers parts and labor. And will cover replacement of all 5 guns if one is found defective. This may not be tranferrable but you can use my name when calling it in. So it will be covered. PC Richards charges 800-850 for RPTV HDTV warranty. I would like 2500OBO including warranty.

    Zenith DTV1080-DirectTV/OTA/Cable HDTV decoder box. Comes with a HU card. I also have around 4-5 extra HU cards if wanted I will throw them in. I used it for OTA only since I did not have "line of sight" for DirectTV. Now my Cable company has all the network channels in HD, so I do not need the box. Will throw in a powered antenea that picks up all the local HD channels in my area. Make me offer.

    Sony XBR 32 inch Wega HDTV(4:3)- this is my bedroom set and is almost never used. It has a excellent picture and HD looks great on it. I think the model number is xbr450 or something like that. This one is HEAVY so be prepared if you buy it. Make me an offer.

    Toshiba SD9200 Progressive Scan DVD. This thing is a monster of a player. Weighs almost 30 lbs. Vibration coated tray, fantastic picture, decodes DVD Audio as well. It had the upgraded bushings instaleld by an Authorized Toshiba Service facilty. it eliminated the slight noise in the tray. Picture is amazing and no chroma bug seen, ever. $600 OBO

    Paradigm Center-CC170. Like new. No box. Will not ship-$50

    K40 RD850 radar/laser detector. New in box. Comes with box, radar unit, visor clip and manuals. I do not have the pwr cable and the suction cup mount. They are both available at any K40 dealer for 9.99. This unit sells for 299 everywhere. Since I am missing some little parts. I will let it go for $150

    JBL/Microsoft Universal Remote. The newer version of the Harmon Kardon Unit. I never bothered programming it correctly. I have the box and patch cable and disc and instructions. Make me an offer.

    Brand new Nokia 21 inch monitor. I know everyone has LCDs these days. but this has been in my storage room for a few years. The box was opened to inspect and has never been taken out. All manuals and cable included. $100.

    My Ebay IDs are:
    Check my feedback. Most items are for local pickup only. Central NJ. Thanks
  2. MarkMaximus

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    Jul 5, 2003
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