TV's 3d comb filter or DSS box and s-video

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    Oct 13, 2002
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    Ive seen a few posts on various board on the option of running plain old yellow cable composite when using Dish network or similar DSS systems.I have a JVC AV-56WP30 HDTV ready TV with a 3D 10 meg etc comb filter,soooo question is will it be better just running the composite and letting the TV's latest tech comb filter do the work,or run s-video and let the older ,Dish network DSS box do the work?From what I have read,the TV's filter is probably lots better than the DSS box.
    anyone else encounter this?

  2. Allan Jayne

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    Dish receivers, cable boxes, sat. receivers almost never have 3D comb filters, so in your case, give the composite connection a try.
    Those channels (the minority) that were never composite at any time during production and transmission will be better off coming to the TV as S-video. Unfortunately most channels nowadays, even on digital cable or digital satellite, are composite video as they are transmitted, so they must be comb filtered somewhere within in your equipment. You may want to run both composite and S-video cables out of your DSS or dish receiver.
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