TV Tuners & TIVO Like Functions on a PC

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    Jan 5, 2000
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    I bought an ATI TV Wonder a little while ago so that I could watch TV while browsing HTF (of course), with the side benefit of being able to record TV shows.
    I took the card back due to bad reception on a number of channels which I could seem to solve, but I miss it dearly and would like to get another one.
    One thing I was hoping the software would include was more functions to let the Tuner behave more like a TIVO, specifically a program guide and season pass type settings. The software bundled with the card only let me set to record by time and channel (just like a VCR), which I always forget to do.
    ATI's newer All in Wonders (and now should be with TV Wonder, but it's not) has newer software with Guide+, which sounds to have more of the funtionality that I'm looking for. But I can't find a very detailed description of it's features. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this and can give me more details as to what features it has.
    I've also found some 3rd party software that works with most cards and may do more of what I'd like. The best ones seem to be Showshifter and Snapstream, but I can't really try them until I get another card.
    The final issue was with the picture quality. Images at 640x480 and up looked terrible through the ATI card. I was rather dissappointed that it couldn't do a little bit better job of upscaling the picture. Anyone if any of the other card (or the All in Wonders) can do a better job of this?
    Any help on any of this would be great.
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    Check out and checkout the forum on capturing. Video capturing requires pretty fast hardware to get the best quality. My hardware is as such: 1 ghz Athlon, 512 meg ram, 1 20 gig drive, and 1 60 gig drive. I'm looking at the ATI AIW Radeon for my next card. If you didn't know this the ATI cards perform all capture encoding in software. You need stout hardware for that.
    Hope this helps,
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    Jason Merrick
    PC World magazine currently (12/01 issue) has an article on "The PC vs. Digital Video Recorders", you may be able to find it online at, they also mention that NVidia has a new DVR capable card either coming or now available and list this link -->

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