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TV stand and heat dissipation for receiver (1 Viewer)

Kent Y

Jan 15, 2005
I am getting (hopefully today) a Pioneer Elite VSX-56TXi, and am also going to get a new TV stand. Circuit City has a Z-Line Palisades stand that I really like. Pioneer's manual for the receiver says to keep 8" of open space above the receiver to allow heat to escape. The 56TXi is 7 7/16", the lower shelf on the stand is 11 1/2" high, which would give me about 4" of vertical clearance. The stand is open on the sides and back, and there will be about 6" of horizontal space between the receiver and the other components (DirecTV TiVo receiver, DVD player and VCR) on the bottom shelf.

I suspect that my previous receiver, a Marantz SR-19, died at least in part due to inadequate heat dissipation; obviously I don't want the 56TXi to suffer the same fate. Should the open space around the receiver be adequate, or should I look for a stand or audio shelf that will give me the suggested 8" of vertical space? TIA for any help.

Thomas Willard

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 15, 2003
Unless you operate the receiver at high volume levels or are pushing very inefficient speakers or use the receiver in a room with high ambient temperatures, I think you will not place too much heat stress on it.

You can always place a small three or four inch fan angled to blow air over the top of the receiver to aid in heat dissipation. I run a Denon 2803 in a cabinet with about three inches top clearance and a small fan at a low speed at the rear of the Denon and just that small amount of moving air keeps the receiver cool.


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 12, 2004
4" should be ok, the MOSFET amps in the Pioneer run barely warm -5 below reference. Of course Pioneer have to cover themselves by allowing a wider margin to account for user error/abuse. And since you have all around open, that makes for rapid heat dispersion @360*. Enclosing amplifiers in an enclosed cabinet was a bad design decision by the furniture manufacturers.

Jerome Grate

Senior HTF Member
May 23, 1999
What I did was install a small fan above my receiver blowing out of the back. It sucks all the hot air from the shelving unit hence keeping it nice and cool for my HK and any other piece of equipment that produces heat. A small computer fan will do the trick.

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