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    Jan 28, 2002
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    This probably sounds like a stupid questions. But I would like to know if The TV Speakers should be off or turned way down when using Home Theater. I seem to think you should only want sound out of Home Theater Speakers. Please advise, thanks, Gary
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    Generally, you should use only the HT speakers for the full effect. Unless you have your TV wired to act as your center channel, of course.

    But, sometimes when watching broadcast TV, I leave my TV audio on since the audio seems to suck on my cable provider and it helps to bring out the dialog.
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    Feb 5, 2001
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    Gary, ask anything you want here...Here's how to get rid of those dinky TV speakers. Any change adding more controls will take some getting used to for the rest of yr family, but bear with it...
    Ideally, you'll use your audio amplifier system for TV sound 100% of the time. I've done this forever, starting with early stereo systems before home theater video.
    Start with running TV AUDIO OUT to the
    D-TV/LD RCA-type terminal on the rear of the receiver. RadioShack Gold 6-foot is fine.
    Keep TV, your amplifier and perhaps any VCR or cablebox turned off at this point.
    Some tv sets have variable/fixed audio outs; use fixed as it should disable the TV volume. You want to ccontrol tv sound/volume from the receiver remote. If you have a 5-speaker system, you'll have choices of listening to TV sound in stereo, or in 5-channel Dolby Prologic, which engages the center speaker, and surrounds for some cableTV movies/programs, or even 5-Channel Stereo if yr amp provides it.
    Use the TV remote's Audio/Adjust menu to turn Speakers OFF. If you've used fixed audio OUT, the TV Volume control should be out of the loop. Try it...if the TV control still affects volume, switch the TV audio out terminals to the other RCA pair. Turn on the amp/receiver and switch input to TV.
    I'll stop here: Video is another subject. I use my VCR entirely as the TV signal tuner. (All my components including DVD S-Video and VCR Video OUT run to my receiver for switching convenience).
    You didnt say if you have CATV. If you have cabletv, and use a VCR, take a look at the connection suggested by Bob McElfresh in another thread:
    ]click here

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