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TV shows which new ones did you watch, which future ones will you watch? (1 Viewer)


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Apr 18, 1999
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I know a lot of shows were cancelled outright and some just ended like x-files and Ally McBeal. There are a lot of new shows which came out last season and some which are coming this summer/fall. Which have you watched and which new ones will you watch? This thread could get long
So you know im big on sci-fi shows which is what i mostly watch and also i would like to thank god for Tivo :)
From Last Season
24-What can i say. One of the best shows on network TV which not a lot of people caught on to. But the show steadily gained ratings so its renewed for another season with the same format.
Jerimiah-Its on showtime but its a great show. Great acting, great writing by JMS/Egan. Worth getting showtime for
Enterprise-If its Trek Im there no matter what anyone says
Mutant X- I was always big on super hero stuff so im for it
Witchblade-Been a long time since the first season (last summer)but i really liked this show not for the story about the witchblade, but the police story itself was excellent. Season 2 starting soon, hopefully Yancy gets the help she needs in rehab
Coming this summer or fall... Ill try the following.
The Dead Zone
Based on the Steven king book, . Some ex ST:DS9 writers in charge which should be good
Odyssey 9-On before Jerimiah so ill give it a shot
Dinotopia-Many didnt like the tv miniseries. The first part was not terrific, but parts 2 and 3 made up for it. Deserves a look
Firefly- Finally a cool looking sci-fi show on Network tv
Birds of Prey/Twilight Zone-On at the same time. I hate when this happens
So how about yours??
P.S. No that isnt a lot of tv :)

Brad Grenz

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Mar 14, 1999
This last season?

24- absolute brilliantly done thriller.

Alias- Another fantastic spy show.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe- One of the best comedies in a long time.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent- I saw this one almost never because it was opposite Alias, but the couple I have seen have been fantastic. I'm glad summer is here so I can catch up!

The Shield- F/X comes out of nowhere with what is one of the best shows I've seen since Homicide went off the air.

Next Year?

Firefly- I'll tune in to see how this project from Joss Whedon turns out. There's been troubling rumors about the show, though.

I'm not sure what else that might interest me next season...

Mike St.Louis

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Sep 22, 1999
The new shows I watched this year were: Smallville, Enterprise and Alias.

I am anxiously awaiting the return of Smallville. Easily the best new show I saw.

Enterprise. Maybe. I wasn't a fan of the first season.

Alias. Nope.

Malcolm R

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Feb 8, 2002
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Hmmmm. I don't think I watched any of the new shows this past year.

I'll probably give "Firefly" a try this year simply because it's Joss Whedon. Haven't heard much about the other new shows. I was interested in the Nathan Lane comedy, but apparently it wasn't picked up.

Richard Fuller

Apr 14, 2000
Have to agree Smallville and 24 were great new shows and luckly they will be back next season. Enterprise was good sometimes and I'll check in most of the time but some show that were on last year that I liked but weren't continued were All Souls and 7 days I think the shows should be brought back.

Jason Seaver

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Jun 30, 1997
Watched this year (by day):

Saturday: "Citizen Baines" was a great show that very few people saw. Too bad; it had an absolutely fantastic cast (James Cromwell, Embeth Davidtz, Jane Adams, et al) and mature, smart writing. It shut down when the producers and network figured it would never make back its costs.

Sunday: "Alias" was pretty decent, although I got cliffhanger fatigue; "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" might be the best L&O yet.

Monday: "Crossing Jordan". To be honest, there were points where I was watching this to play "stock footage/location/double" with a show set in my hometown. It's a decent murder mystery show, but the mystery stuff is often almost perfunctory; it's the comedy and subplots that make it enjoyable.

Tuesday: "24" became a favorite; "Smallville" as well. I really never quite got into "Undeclared"; I'd alternate between explosive laughter and having my thumb twitch over the "jump forward 30 seconds button". "Andy Richter" is one I'll be glad to see back.

Wednesday: "The Amazing Race", although I didn't start until race #2. I'm one of those that loved "Greg The Bunny". I tolerated "Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central)" because it had Ivan Sergei and John "horribly underused" Cleese; I bailed on "Wolf Lake" after one episode. I'm still with "Enterprise", but I have terrible inertia where "Star Trek" is concerned.

Thursday: A moment of silence for "The Tick"; I rather enjoyed "The Agency"

Friday: "Thieves" was a guilty pleasure.

As to what I'm looking for next season... Well, did that in another thread.

Adam Lenhardt

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Feb 16, 2001
Albany, NY
New that I watched:
Enterprise - until I decided it sucked. Made it five episodes, then decided it just wasn't for me.
Smallville - I'm absolutely in love with this show. Brillant comic book mythos brought to the TV screen.
Andy Ricter Controls the Universe - one of the few comedies that kept me laughing consistently.
The Tick - What a wonderful, misunderstood show. Stupid to the point of hilarity.

Coming Soon that I will watch:
Dragnet - What can I say? It's Dragnet.
The Twilight Zone - Morbid fascination.
Birds of Prey - Another Comic book inspired TV series from the people behind Smallville? I'm there.
Push, Nevada - It's been described as the next Twin Peaks...
Firefly - Maybe a good version of Enterprise. Good, being, what I personally am looking forward to in the Trek-inspired genre.

Jeff Kleist

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Dec 4, 1999
Almost every new show last season got cancelled on me
Greg the Bunny? Dead
The Tick? Dead
Enterprise, it's Trek, but it's no TNG/DS9. It CAN be, but it's not there yet
For the new year
Firefly: It's Lord Whedon, how can it possibly be naything but amazing? :)
You'll all be bowing before him come next fall.

Rich Malloy

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Apr 9, 2000
New shows I love:

"The Osbournes"
"Home Movies", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" (other "Adult Swim" fare, as well, but primarily these two.)
"The Bernie Mac Show" - hilarious the few times I've seen it, but I think it's up against "West Wing" or "Buffy" or another of my favorite, never-miss shows.

Next season:
Only looking forward to "Firefly" at present.

Jason Seaver

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Jun 30, 1997
Jeff's, um, committed...

Still, "Firefly" has me worried. We all remember that the end result the last couple of times Whedon did something space-based were "Alien Resurrection" and "Titan A.E.", and as much as Jeff and/or Joss try to deny his responsibility for those and "Atlants", a pattern of disappointment in his sci-fi does sort of start to emerge.

And they recast characters early in the pilot - though that generally doesn't worry me, being normal growing pains. Heck, even "Voyager" was even able to recast its lead and eventually become... Well, let's move on.

It's the reshoots because Fox wanted more action, the hints it would get bumped to midseason, and now the word that Whedon wrote a new pilot script that worries me. Either the initial pilot was severely underwhelming, or a good show is dealing with network goonery. Either way, the money guys and creative guys are potentially already in an adverserial situation, and I can't off-hand think of a time when that's been a good thing for a TV series.

Jeff Kleist

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Dec 4, 1999
They're shooting a new pilot for Firefly. The current pilot will be a 2 parter during sweeps

Joss is personally involved with it, as in on-set

John Berggren

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Jun 17, 1999
My favorite new shows from last season:

Greg the Bunny
The Tick
The Ellen Show

I also watched Enterprise out of some sense of obligation. I caught about 2/3 of the episodes. I'm wavering on season 2.

Cross your fingers that your shows aren't on my list of interests for next year. I have a 3/4 cancellation rate.

Looking forward to:

Odyssey 5
Birds of Prey

Jake Gove

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Dec 8, 1998
New shows:

Undeclared - I hope Fox brings it back, my favorite show, period.

Andy Richter - hilarious

Scrubs - kind of grew on me

Amazing Race 2 - loved this one, wish I had see the first one

24 - the first several episodes were great, lost steam and became like a soap (particularly Jack's daughter and wife's plotlines) in the middle episodes. Haven't watched the last five episodes yet (saved on my Tivo).

Liked the first two episodes of The Mole II.

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