TV Repair - should amateurs play aroud?

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    Hi everyone. I just got back from my weekly trip to the town dump and someone had left a 27" sony trinitron (KV-27s10) for garbage. I took it home with me since I'm looking for a basement 2nd set. When plugged in, nothing. Hit Power, and it comes on. However with nothing connected, there is a blue wavy static on the screen. The lower front faceplate where the buttons are has a nice crack along it but all buttons are intact in the right spot. Hitting any button turns the unit off. I'm guessing it was dropped? Anyway - I've always wanted to tinker and learn how these puppies work. Should I go through the trouble? Is it salvagable? Most important - is there a do-it-yourself web site that gives an intro to the inner workings of these things? Aside from the cracked faceplate, it looks great. Glass is mint. Casing is fine. It prob cost $400 or $500 new and it has composite inputs on the rear, so I'm itching to fix it. Any suggestions, warnings, etc anyone can offer? THANKS!

    p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong area on HTF!
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    If you don't know much about the inner workings of TV sets, do not poke around inside. You may take the back cover off to get at the "pot adjustments" such as vertical size. Restrict your tinkering to the knobs and controls.
    There are high voltages inside that, on many sets, persist even when the set is unplugged.
    Convergence and geometry on sets like these probably includes rubber shims and magnetic rings around the neck of the picture tube. Adjusting is a time consuming back and forth process.
    If the set was dropped, there is a good chance the tube shadow mask has gone out of position causing uncorrectable discoloration.
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    I'll second his opinion on the voltage, but if any button turns it off and they are all at the bottom/front that is probably what happened. It fell and shorted out.
    The covers usually come off easily, but stay away from the back. If the buttons are part of a circuit board it is probably hopeless, but then again the board could be connected to other boards with just one cable and buying another board for the front might not be too bad, but still no guarantee that it will work. Even a hairline crack on a circuit board can really mess it up.
    Good luck! [​IMG]

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