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    Their is a great article in today's USA Today about tv shows on dvd. It centers on the popularity of the Sopranos 2nd season on dvd. It has quotes from reps from Disney and our own Peter Staddon of Fox. It credits Fox with starting the trend with it's great X-Files season box sets. The article mentions that packaging and extras are what's needed to sell tv on dvd. The reason being that people can watch it free in syndication. The Disney video chief says that on Dec.4 it will release five episodes of Davey Crockett that will include such extras as an interview with Fess Parker. He also says that "The costs are much more manageable to put it on dvd.".
    I truly hope both Warner and Universal are reading the article and start to release their tv product on dvd (ie-Babylon 5, Sliders and Battlestar Galactica).
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    I am still waiting for HBO to release TALES FROM THE CRYPT on DVD
    And if Warner owns THE WONDER YEARS I would like to see that released on DVD as well.
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    Thanks for the tip -- that was a good story. Liked the quote from our buddy Mr. Staddon.
    Here's a link .
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    I read through the article, and want to thank you for the heads-up and the link! I noticed that it was by T.K. Arnold, the reporter who was here at HTF asking for opinions a few weeks back (and who sorta misquoted me, then apologized and corrected the mistake...which I've forgiven/forgotten, by the way).
    I notice that there's mention of a new Ally McBeal 2-disc set featuring "six romantic episodes". I bought the 1st 2-disc best-of set, Ally on Sex and the Single Life, but I doubt I'll buy this new one. For one thing, it was the first set that helped me realize in the first place what a pain in the ass it is to not have in-episode-order TV shows.
    I realize that Fox's Peter Staddon, and his group, are doing the best they can in view of syndication rights, etc. Unlike the situation with Friends, this is a show that isn't even in local syndication yet, and from a studio that has constantly proven their intentions to release in-ep-order when they can. I'm certain that they're trying real hard to bring Ally fans SOME sort of product.
    Nevertheless, although my wife and I love the show dearly, going forward I think I'll wait for the eventual in-order releases.
    Anyone else agree with this, or am I nuts as usual? [​IMG]
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