TV/Movie Actors agent numbers?

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by DeathStar1, Jun 4, 2003.

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    What's the best way to track these down? has fan mail addresses, but most are badly out of date for the people who I want to contact.

    I'm basically trying to track down the 4 main members of the Ghostbuster cast for insterviews and opinions on this comic book revival.

    Thanks [​IMG].
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    I'm pretty sure Murray is represented by CAA, and it would be a good bet that the others are, too.

    CAA's website displays only general agency contact info:

    You would probably need some kind of press credentials to even get your request passed on, but it may be worth a call to CAA.

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    I have been sending 3x5 blank cards to actors for the past five years to have them sign. The best way to get their info is to contact the Screen Actors Guild in LA. Call 323-549-6737. You only get 3 actors info per call. You just give them the actors name and they will give you the agent or contact number. Do yourself a favor and contact the agent before writing or sending anything. Sometimes the info is out of date. If you have any questions about this just email me. Hope this helps.

    ps-A funny story is that sometimes you get the actors phone number. This has happened more than a few times to me. If I get a message machine I will usually hang up. I don't want to bother them personally.

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