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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Paul-D, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Ok, here's a little background first: my grandpa had an old Magnavox "big screen" tv that fit perfectly inside a shelving system (basically the shevling system was designed around the tv). Anyway, that was over 15 years ago and the tv has finally called it quits. He is now searching for a tv that will fit in this space. He realizes that it won't fit perfectly as the other tv did, but if we could find something close it would be helpful. The dimensions are 40.5" wide x 42" tall x 24" deep. That is the size of the space I need filled with a tv. He doesn't care what kind of tv, RPTV or Plasma, whatever, he would just like it to fill the space.
    So, any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks so much
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    You'll probably find that the width is the constraining dimension (at least it was for me, I have a media niche with the exact same width).

    Here are a few threads I've been involved with that mention specific models as they relate to fitting MY space:

    In addition, I will mention that some models of the Samsung DLP RPTVs also fit my niche, with a caveat: Some of the 46" screens (don't remember which models off hand) are wider than 40.5", but only at the extreme front of the cabinet. Basically there's a "flange" for the screen surround, the actual screen area is slightly narrower, and so is the rest of the cabinet. This meant that I could fit these into my 40.5" wide niche with just the flange in front of the opening.

    Depending on your Grandfather's cabinet construction, this might also be an option for him. The front flange would cover some of the cabinet trim and probably look nicely finished, as long as it wasn't blocking a cabinet door or something.

    Best bet is to go to a B&M store and take careful measurements of the flange vs. the rest of the cabinet, you might find a good fit!

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