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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by 99monguse, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Ok, i have been stuck on this forever it seems like. I want a new 1080p TV for my rec-room to watch dvd/BR/hi-def Uverse TV and PLAY XBOX and PS3. Here is the specs on the room and my current TV: -The room is a rectangle basically and it's about 14 X 18 with a 7ft ceiling. The house is a spli-level; therefore, this room is about half below grade. -The seating is 6-8ft from TV and the TV will be on a TV stand not on the wall; so, the TV should be close to eye level. The TV will be in the corner. -There is one 24"X30" window just the the left of the TV but there are verticle blinds on the window so glare is non-existent. -My current TV is a Panasonic rear-projection 53" widesreen 480p/1080i and I have a HK stereo receiver running two cheap two speakers in stereo mode :rolleyes: . I will be upgrading to most likely a Yamaha, Denon or Onkyo receiver with a basic 5.1 system ( ), and possibly upgrading to a more powerful active subwoofer. I am stuck between a Plasma and the LED LCD, both in 1080p. Like I said, my son and I play A LOT of Xbox 360, fast paced games. I thought I had decided on a Panasonic plasma but the LEDs look good too. I DO NOT want 3D but do want 1080p with multiple HDMIs. I would like a TV with decent speakers, although it's quite hard to incorporate good speakers in a thin TV. Any advice or personal experiences with the TVs you have would be appreciated.
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    I personally like Sony and Samsung but IQ is pretty strong for all A and B tier HDTVs these days. My advice is don't overthink it. You said it yourself, you have analysis paralysis. Buy a set you like looking at and the relative feature set on. Shop around, get a good deal but don't obsess that you have to beat everyone on the planet at getting the best price. Put it in the room, set it up right, calibrate it. Then never read another review again.
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    I just got a new TV about a month ago, primarily for 3D gaming. The one thing I think that you should really pay attention to is response time/refresh rate. The TV I had previously wasn't the best in the world but there was practically no delay between video and audio. (The audio was sent straight to my receiver and didn't go through the TV.) My current TV has a slight delay and I can sense it when I play Rock Band or certain other games with a lot of fast stuff or characters talking. You should be able to find something with 4 HDMI ports (do you really need more?) and a decent price for whatever size you get, but pay attention to the response time since (aside from resolution) this will impact your gaming the most.

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