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Apr 9, 2003
If you followed my last thread, I did decide to downgrade from a Tosh 57H82 to a 50H82 just because of my space issue. Now to my next question...

I have my new TV here, what is my next steps. I have read that there is a DVD program you can buy to calibrate your set at home (forgot the name atm), and I have read about something called IFS calibration. My question is what should I do now to get the best picture. I am currently running digital cable through a S-video cable. The picture does not seem as sharp as I had immagined. But I have not touched the set at all, do most sets need some calibration when brand new?

Is there anything that I should set or turn off or on right away? I live in Minneapolis MN by the way, if anyone knows an IFS person around.

Thanks for the help,
Confused but loving my new TV

Jim Williams

Second Unit
Oct 29, 2002
First thing to do is to turn down the contrast steeing to about 30-40% to help prevent burn-in. ISF calibration is great if you really want your TV to look it's best but can cost $500 and up. If you can afford it, do it by all means, but wait a couple of weeks for the set to settle in before ISF calibration. To find an authorized ISF technician in your area check out the ISF Website.

The disc that you are talking about is the Avia Guide to Home Theater. It is an invaluable tool to help you set-up your entire HT, from video to audio.

Finally, get component video cables for your HDTV box for the best PQ.

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