TV decision time. Plasma - LED??

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Boss35, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Ok here we go.. Hello I am not sure what to do. Let me start with room size 20' * 20'

    I have 6 windows in the room with an open concept to other rooms.

    I was lookin at a couple of tv's and wanted to know what you think is best.

    1)Panasonic 65" V2 - i thought was best size for best price $1700

    2)Panasonic 65" VT25 out of my price range

    3)LG 60PX950 - i think to small and not sure about 3D

    4)Sharp 60" LED Quattron - a friends recommendation

    I am willing to spend 2500 on tv but 2000 or less would be better.

    I have been reading and it seems like plasma isn't good with all that light.

    I also would like to connect tv to internet but I will also be purchasing a PS3 and maybe
    something like ROKU. I want to put all my components in the basement except the PS3.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    John Ratzen
    I'm in the same boat as you. Except I'm looking for a smaller TV and a price range of between $500 to $1000. Some of the Panasonic plasmas have an anti-glare coating that is supposed to help with the reflections but I've not see one first hand yet. And most have done away with screen burn in although some people complain of image retention for a few minutes but it then goes away.

    I have a PS3 and if you will be getting a PS3 then I wouldn't even look at TV's with internet connections since the PS3 can do it all. And, with the new PS3 firmware update there is no DVD disk needed if you have Netflix. Oh, and if you want to stream DVD (or better) quality content then make sure you have a 3.5Gbps or faster internet connection. You can do WiFi but an ethernet cable will get you a better streaming picture. (I still think the PS3 is one of the better Blu-Ray players out there and it's a great media hub.)

    I had a plasma a few years ago and in our brightly lit room the reflections on the screen drove me nuts. They didn't bother my wife and kids but it really bothered me. I also noticed that on Standard Definition TV the plasma just looked horrible but on High Def it was absolutely stunning. Never-the-less I returned it and went with a LCD. The SD TV on the LCD was much better and the HD was just about as good but not quite as bright or vibrant. Alas, a year after the warranty was up our Sony started displaying a very dim yellow, horizontal line across the top and a pink/red horizontal line across the bottom. Hence my desire for a Panasonic, LG or Sharp (which everyone really seems to be happy with).
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    I just installed a Panasonic 42G25 in my family room last week, and it looks fantastic. This room has a window, a sliding glass door, seven overhead recessed cans, and is open to the kitchen and nook, where there are another 4 windows and plenty of other lights. All that to say that I haven't been bothered by glare one bit. Whatever Panasonic has done to reduce glare is phenomenal. A friend of mine has a plasma from 4 years ago, and the glare was the first thing I noticed when I saw his set, so I was a little leery about going plasma. I'm glad I took the chance, because it looks stunning.

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