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Sep 29, 2004
got a question for you ladies and gents

My tv (a Panasonic/National EDTV from Japan model TH-29FP5) is a CRT with the Tau flat tube. The problem is that the geometry, overscan, and what not arent right. For example, using any of the geometry test patterns you can clearly see vertical lines on the left side arent perfectly straight, the distance to the side of the screen is wider towards the top. Another problem is that horizontal lines on the bottom is clearly slightly curved towards the center of the screen.

The panny technician that came to my apt said that those problems are inherent deficiencies in the CRT tube and cant be solved even if i send it in and have the tube changed. I have my doubt about what he said considering he asked to adjust the tv with the test pattern from my Avia DVD and didnt seem to understand terms like overscan. The reasoning that he told me for the errors is that during the QA process panasonic/national only look at the center of the screen. If the geometry in that area is correct then the tv will pass QA.

My questions are, is what the tech said about the geometry problems being CRT tube's problems and cant be fixed true? And what can I do to try to salvage (or fix) the problems. thanx in advance, especially considering i'm currently in japan right now (thus jpn tv) and there arent any ISF certified techs according to JSF's site


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Aug 19, 2002
There will always be some linearity problems and such with CRT, and trying to totally correct it 100% is usually not the most desired thing. Getting things very close, though, should be doable. Direct views are usually cheaper displays, with few or no convergence type adjustments, or geometry controls, so he may be correct in that regard.

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