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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by mlindeman, May 1, 2012.

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    I have a Sony STR-DH700 receiver for my home theater system. I use FIOS for my cable connection. The problem I have is when I first turn on the tv/reciever/sat box the color on the tv is washed out. Like it isn't showing the full color set. But when I toggle between the DVD and SAT settings on the remote the color gets fixed. I have had the SAT box replaced and that didn't fix the problem. I replaced the HDMI cable also and didn't fix the problem. Does anyone have any other ideas? Do I need to replace the receiver?
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    Easy way to find out is to take the receiver out of the equation. Connect your FiOS box directly to the TV and see what happens. If that's OK, then the problem likely lies within the receiver. Try a different HDMI input on the receiver. If the problem goes away, then the problem might just be with that particular HDMI input and you can likely bypass the problem. If the issue persists regardless of the HDMI input you use, then the problem lies either within the video processing circuitry or the HDMI output - either one would be reason enough to repair or replace the receiver.

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