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    Several years ago I bought a Pioneer PL-88F for $60 -- all it needed was a new cartridge ...

    New cartridge acquired $95 --- Not working quite right ...

    Sent in for repairs --- They say it's a cracked needle and I need a new one ...

    Radio Shack (where I got the first cartridge) says it's not available -- Pioneer says it is and I can order it online (yeah right! without a Visa to pay for it) ...

    Local phono repair shop says they have Moving Magnet and they'll put it in --- PL-88F cartridge (PN41MC) is Moving Coil ...

    Will it fit? Will it sound right? What's the difference?
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    My recollections from my high-end stereo days:
    Moving coil was 'higher-end' with the reason being that the moving coil on the end of the 'needle' inside the cartridge was lower mass and thus able to reproduce the sound from the grooves more exactly and dynamically.
    Moving coil cartridges typically produce much less output than moving magnet type - had to make sure your preamp would accommodate the lower signal level.

    I'm not familiar with your turntable/tonearm..but my thoughts are that unless its relatively high-end equipment, I'd go with moving magnet..and this would be especially true if the receiver/preamp wasn't specifically designed for moving coil phono inputs...and with most equipment nowdays, phono is somewhat of an afterthought...

    This is what I recall from my phono expertise days circa 1980...

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