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Tumult/18PR measurements--double check me please :)

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Anthony_Gomez, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Will be cutting the holes for a Tumult and 18PR's this weekend and I just want some cutout conformation.

    I have been IMed this info before, but I was "smart enough" NOT to write it down [​IMG]

    From Adire, I got 14 1/8" cutout, 15.5" flush mount (tight fit, so use 15 5/8), and 3/4" deep. Since I got it straight from the horses mouth, they should be good [​IMG]

    For the 18PR's from Stryke, I don't have any info directly from stryke. I measured the flush mount diameter and depth. I got 18 1/2" ...which is tight, so I will use 18 5/8" x 3/4" deep. I am not sure of the cutout diameter since I can't easy get the tap in place. I think it needs to be 16.5".

    Any conformations?

  2. Greg_R

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    Stryke 18" PRs are as follows:

    - 18.25" diameter
    - 16.75" inner flange (i.e. a 3/4" lip for the PR)
    - Look at their plans for the Power15 cabinets (it has the dimensions listed). www.stryke.com

    Note: I originally used the rubber mounting gasket on the PR (this required a larger hole). This gasket blew out & I would not recommend using it. Use weatherstripping and the bare PR... the dimensions listed are for the PR w/o gasket.

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