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TU-HDS20 HDTV DirecTV receiver and oval dish (1 Viewer)

Matt Rising

Jun 19, 2001
I am looking to sell my Panasonic TU-HDS20 and oval dish with 2 LNB's. Any offer in the neigborhood of $700 takes the whole kit. I will be moving into a condo that doesn't have the proper facing for the dish.
The system is fully functional. I was using it up until yesterday (11/3/01) when I took it down to photograph it and box it up for shipping.
It's a complete DirecTV system and comes with everything that was in the box when new:
- TU-HDS20 receiver (does OTA HDTV as well as DirecTV HD)
- Access card
- Remote control
- RGB jumpers
- Manuals
- 50' phone cable
- Oval reflecting dish
- 2 LNB's
- Mounting arms and all mounting hardware
- 4x2 multiswitch
- RG-6 jumper cables for connection LNB's to switch
Pictures of all this stuff can be found here:
I live in Baltimore and will drop it off anywhere in the area (or you can come pick it up if you like.) If it needs to be shipped, max cost should be about $30.
The system is about 9 months old. I bought it just before Superbowl last season. Now I am moving downtown and can't use it anymore.
If interested please contact me at:
[email protected]
Matt Rising
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