Tsohiba SD4700, JVC XV75GD, or Sony DVP-NC650V with good tube TV

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  1. Richard Gray

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    May 16, 2002
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    Hey all,
    I'm in the market for a new DVD Player... and ready to adopt either the SACD or DVD-A formats. I currently have a Sharp DV740U, which is going to my sisters house as a gift. Intended use is 60% HT/40% Music.
    My Components are...
    32" Sharp Tube style TV (non HDTV) w/ component inputs.
    Yammie RXV-1200 Rcvr.
    Mirage OM-10's front speakers
    Mirage OMC2 center
    Here is what I set as a standard for this new DVD Player:
    1. It can be progressive scan as I might upgrade in the next year or two to HDTV.
    2. Cost less than $500
    3. Great interlaced performance.
    4. Additional Formats such as SACD and DVD-A are pluses.
    5. Can be single disk or mulit format.
    Available locally are:
    Toshiba SD4700 $218 (nice spec's)[​IMG]
    Sony DVP-NC650V $249 (It's a Sony)[​IMG]
    JVC XV75GD $179 (open box)[​IMG]
    Panasonic RP56?? $299
    I have looked at the Pannie RP91 and the Denon 1600 but, they are outside my price range.
    Which one is best in your opinion's?
  2. Paul Clarke

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    Jan 29, 2002
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    I own the 70BK and am very happy. Some people find the picture too soft in the 70/75 but I think this is very set dependent. The picture adjustments are very thorough and include Gamma which I find essential. I bought the 4700 originally and found it to have issues like excessive lock-ups, the Chroma Bug, the lack of true reverse still/step...also the remote has some design choices I did not like. Video/Audio performance otherwise was excellent for the money however and the 4700 zoom is the most useful of the lot. The Panny is a big favorite around here but does not feature match the 4700 or 70/75. I have yet to see or hear anything from the Sony...Sorry.

    My $.02
  3. Bobby T

    Bobby T Supporting Actor

    Mar 13, 2001
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    Ive been very happy with my 4700, no problems at all. Great interlaced picture and DVD audio is awesome.
  4. ChrisMatson

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    Dec 14, 2000
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    I'm very happy with my 4700 also. I use mine in progressive mode and I haven't tried the DVD-A yet.

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