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    **International Documentary Association's "20 Best All-Time Documentaries"
    DVD Availability Chart**[​IMG]1. Bowling for Columbine (2002): Michael Moore explores the roots of America's predilection for murder and other violence and the connection to attitudes about guns and gun control compared to other countries.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]2. The Thin Blue Line (1988): Errol Morris probes the 1976 murder of a Dallas policeman, and the wrongful conviction of one of the two men implicated in the killing.
    NOT YET ON DVD: Amazon Wishlist, Filmmaker's Site[​IMG]3. Roger & Me (1989): Michael Moore pursues GM CEO Roger Smith to talk about massive downsizing by the auto manufacturer and the effects on his hometown of Flint, Michigan.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]4. Hoop Dreams (1994): Filmmaker Steve James follow the lives of two inner-city basketball players who harbor legitimate hopes of playing professional basketball. A dvd of this film was released in 2000 (?) but went immediately OOP.
    NOT YET ON DVD: Amazon Wishlist, Official Site[​IMG]5. Salesman (1969): Albert and David Maysles follow four employees of a company that makes expensive, ornate, illustrated bibles as they attempt to sell the items door-to-door.
    DVD AVAILABLE (From Criterion): Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]6. Nanook of the North (1922): Robert Flaherty documented one year in the life of Nanook, an Eskimo (Inuit) and his family. It is a story of life and love in the Arctic.
    DVD AVAILABLE (From Criterion): Amazon, Lasersedge [​IMG]7. Night And Fog Nuit et brouillard (1955): Alain Resnais' probing remembrance of the Holocaust using contemporary images of the abandoned camp at Auschwitz along with newsreel footage of the atrocities that occurred there.
    DVD AVAILABLE (From Criterion): Amazon, Lasersedge [​IMG]8. Harlan County, U.S.A. (1976): Barbara Kopple chronicles the fight of 190 coal mining families for dignity and fairness in Harlan County, Kentucky.
    NOT YET ON DVD: Official Site[​IMG]9. Grey Gardens (1975): Albert and David Maysles document the story of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who live in a world of their own in their decaying 28-room East Hampton mansion known as 'Grey Gardens'.
    DVD AVAILABLE (From Criterion): Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]10. The Civil War (1990): Ken Burns compiles a nine-part series recounting the story of the most important event in American history through the heroic actions and poignant words of the people, great and small, who lived through it.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD[​IMG]11. Crumb (1994): Director Terry Zwigoff chronicles the life and times of Robert Crumb, the cartoonist/artist who drew Keep On Truckin', Fritz the Cat, and played a major pioneering role in the genesis of underground comix.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge[​IMG]12. Gimme Shelter (1970): Albert and David Maysles followed the ill-fated Rolling Stones free concert at Altamont Speedway in December 1969.
    DVD AVAILABLE (From Criterion): Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge[​IMG]13. The Up Series (1963-1998): (6 Films: Seven Up!, 7 Plus Seven, 21, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up). Michael Apted interviewed 14 British children, all age seven, but diverse in gender, race and economic background. Apted follows up with the children every seven years.
    DVD SET AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge[​IMG]14. Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (1997): This film by Errol Morris interweaves the stories of four obsessive men, each driven to create eccentric worlds of their dreams, all involving animals.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]
    [​IMG]15. Titicut Follies (1967): Frederick Wiseman chronicles life inside a Massachusetts institution for mentally ill convicts, and their abuse at the hands of the guards and doctors. The only American film banned from release for reasons other than obscenity or national security. After the Commonwealth of Massachusetts sued the filmmakers, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the film constituted was an invasion of privacy and ordered the withdrawal of the film from circulation. The film was banned in Massachusetts for decades and was largely unseen in other than very special educational screenings. Finally, in the early 90s, it was allowed a one-time-only showing on PBS (from which many bootlegs exist)-- but a DVD release is unlikely. A VHS educational veriosn is available from Zipporah for $500.
    NOT YET ON DVD: Amazon Book About This Film, Filmmaker's Website[​IMG]16. When We Were Kings (1996): Director Leon Gast profiles the 1974 heavyweight championship bout in Zaire between champion George Foreman and underdog challenger Muhammad Ali.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]17. American Movie: The Making of Northwestern (1999): Chris Smith documents aspiring filmmaker Mark Borchardt's three-year effort to produce a short horror film.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge [​IMG]18. Shoah (1985): Claude Lanzmann directed this 9-1/2 hour documentary of the Holocaust by interviewing survivors, witnesses, and ex-Nazis (without using a single frame of archive footage).
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, Lasersedge [​IMG]19. The Man with a Movie Camera Chelovek s kinoapparatom (1929): Dziga Vertov travels around a Russian city, with a camera slung over his shoulder, documenting urban life with dazzling inventiveness. Editions of this film have been released on DVD by Image, Kino, and Caroline.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon (Image Version), Amazon (Kino Version), Amazon (Caroline Version), DDD (Kino Version), Lasersedge (Kino Version) [​IMG]20. Sherman's March (1986): Ross McElwee attempts to document the lingering effects of General Sherman's march of destruction through the South during the Civil War-- while continually being sidetracked by his personal life, his dreams of nuclear disaster, and Burt Reynolds.
    DVD AVAILABLE: Amazon, DDD, Lasersedge
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