Trying to skip the receiver in a new house surround system. HELP PLEASE!

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    I recently bought a new house and it is already wired in the living room for mounting speakers.. I only own a Samsung sound bar and sub but would like to integrate it into a more comprehensive system. So here is my question, is there a way to hookup two optical lines in and one out (for the existing sound bar) to at least two more speakers without buying a receiver? Im not trying to spend alot of money and every receiver I find with the correct amount of inputs are just to expensive. i also wouldnt mind finding a way to plug two optics into a transmitter with one optic output and installing two wireless speakers. Im not having any luck with my searches and was hoping yall could help. thank you.

    - Im trying to hook up my bluray and xbox to the surround, not worried about hooking the actual tv to it. the sound bar does not have an output and only has an optical input and an aux input.

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    Nothing will ever exist to do this...but AVR.

    And since you don't need 3D(you didn't say) that opens you up to used AVR back to 2007. 2006 if your BD player decodes lossless as MCH.

    A guy on here bought an Onkyo 605 for $165 shipped...including the remote.

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    You can get a 5.1 receiver new for $180. If your xbox is a 360 or One, it supports HDMI.$pcmcat309300050002&cp=1&lp=3The challenge is two-fold, and I think we need clarification on your goals.You say your living room is pre-wired, but you want to use wireless speakers. If a receiver is too expensive, I can't imagine you'd want to spend the money on wireless speakers, especially when you're pre-wired. What's your goal or restrictions?And you want to use both a sound bar and the pre-wired or wireless speakers? That may not be doable, unless the sound bar us only for one device, like the TV. An affordable AVR doesn't output audio to a digital line, as far as I can tell. So you could connect the TV to the sound bar and a receiver to speakers for games and movies. But even then I think your goals may be conflicted. A sound bar us meant to be an all-in-one surround sound replacement. It's not meant to work with a conventional 5.1 setup. And it might sound worse. If the sound bar is simulating full surround, adding rear channels to that could make things really muddy and confusing.

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