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Trying to setup home theater cable connections right. (1 Viewer)


Dec 27, 2008
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Ryan Sciba

I have been installing my own systems for years. Now things are starting to get more complicated than the past. I recently bought a new Samsung 52" LCD 120hz tv. Along with it I got an Insignia Home Theater reciever and the 5.1 speakers to match. I know not the best of brands but after my tv it was what I could afford. Now I dont think they sound bad... but I know I dont have something hooked up right. I also have a Blue Ray player... xbox360 and DishNetwork Satalite DVR box.

Ok... my reciever can take 2 HDMI connections in and has 1 going out (to the tv). So I hooked in my xbox360 to it and that was it. My BR, Satalite and Reciever all go to the tvs HDMI connections. I bought an optical cable as well for audio. So... I hooked my optical from my TV going to the reciever.

The problem is that everything works but I cant select Dolby Digital at all on my reciever. It supports the mode and even states that with optical cables it will support it.

So yesterday I messed with it all. I hooked my optical from my BR to the reciever. That worked and I got my digital sound but then I didnt get any sound from my xbox or the other stuff.

My question is with this setup... how do I connect to get my digital out for all componants? My xbox supports it, satalite supports it and so does my BR of course. I have a headache from all of this. Help!!

My TV by the way has 4 HDMI connections. So that is not the issue at all... really i can connect all devices to the TV... my concern here is how to get DIGITAL audio from all of my equipment.

Ed Moxley

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May 25, 2003
Eastern NC
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The optical output on most tvs, is for 5.1 surround from the built-in tuner, when getting HD channels, over the air, with an antenna. It's not for doing what you're trying to do. Some tvs will allow pass through of audio, but will down convert the 5.1 signal, to a 2.0 signal. Then, the best you can get is Pro Logic.

How many optical inputs, and digital coax inputs, on your receiver? Are the HDMI inputs just pass through, or do they pass the HD audio from blu ray movies? It might help to know the model numbers of the gear. If you use a digital input for anything other than what the factory assigned to it, you have to assign it to what you plug into it.

You also have to make sure that each piece plugged into a digital input, is outputting a digital signal.

So, to get digital audio from all your equipment, you need it all plugged into digital inputs on the receiver. If you don't have enough inputs, you'll have to find an adapter to use for inputs, or get a receiver, with enough inputs.

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