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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Chris Strasz, Oct 7, 2005.

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    I haven't been following the AV stuff for a few years now but started back to reading just because I am considering whether I should upgrade my tv and sell the current one off next year.

    I purchased a pioneer sdhd533 53" hdtv back in 2002. There's no issues with it other than it needing a professional calibration. But there are a few questions/concerns looming at the back of my head with the introduction of new gaming systems and hd dvd formats.

    First, the tv seems much smaller now that I've moved into a new place. Where as in the past it was a distance of 7' or so, now it's about 13'. It looks better from this distance for sure, but I have the itch to want something bigger.

    Second, being a hardcore gamer, I'm trying to make sure I have the best picture quality I can for gaming within reason with regards to cost. A lot of these new systems sound like the best quality is to be had in 720p, which my tv, unfortunately, does not support.

    So this means i'd be running games at 480p, or if they upscale from 720 via the game system's setup, 1080i.

    I guess i'm trying to get a feel if an upgrade is something to consider and would like opinions from others. Any comments/thoughts on the following or just general advice, would help guide me out greatly:

    1.) What is the largest size tv one can go for with viewing distance of 13'?
    2.) What's the current 'best format' for tv tech? DLP seems to be the latest rave but i've always heard of issues with rainbowing. Have they ironed out these kinks yet?

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    1) You could go as big as 73 inches at 13 feet.

    2) There is no clear-cut winner in the microdisplay technology competition. LCD has black level problems, (compared to a CRT RPTV). DLP is subject to the rainbow effect.

    My understanding is that rainbow is the kind of thing that if you see it once, you may see it from then on.

    I would wonder, if someone already knows that the rainbow effect exists, wouldn't it be hard not to look for it?

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