Trying to find name/info on old VCR..

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    Hey all,

    I had a VCR that we bought in the early 80's, that lasted all the way up to 2000 with new recordings. It was lo-fi, obviously, and I beleive only went up to Ch 42 or so, as I remember needing a cable box to get USA Network on CH 48.
    There was a push tab at the bottom to get to the tracking controls, wich I beleive was a grey circular dial...the unit was black, and wasn't a main brand name one.

    My father, unfortunatly, snuck it out of the house under my nose, and brought it to the office. After I told him not to throw it out, I don't see it around anymore, so you can guess what happend..

    I wanted to do some research on the model, but first I need a name of the brand. If anyone knows of a site with pictures of VCR's from the early 80's, say, 1980-1985, it would be most appreciated. I think it started with a Q...

    They just don't make VCR's like that one anymore. The second one I got, I beleive was a Goldstar that lasted less than a year before chewing up tapes, then Igot my first hi-fi, a GE model. That lasted a year and a half, and the next model lasted at least 4 years..

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    Could it have been Quasar ... look thru these pics

    Quasar was started by Motorola, but then sold to Matsushita (Panasonic) in 1974. The brand was positioned as low cost electronics for N. American mkts only.

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