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Trying to find a non-offending PG or G rated film for a Movie night (1 Viewer)


Supporting Actor
Jan 10, 2000
Larry- Good call on Lagaan! Probably one of the best movies from India in a long time. Michael- definitely add Lagaan to your list. Let your guests discover the joys of a good home theater while also discovering the joys of foreign cinema. It is a rather long movie (3+ hours if I remember right), but it's VERY well done.

Steve K.

george kaplan

Senior HTF Member
Mar 14, 2001
Obviously one way to go is to go with older films, the classics. If you want a more contemporary light comedy, you might try Father of the Bride (although it may have already been seen), which despite a pg rating has nothing in it to warrant that as far as I can tell (not even a hell or damn).

Jeff Kohn

Supporting Actor
Dec 29, 2001
More recent releases
Straight Story
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Hearts In Atlantis
The Princess Diaries (not my cup of tea but the women may like it)

For classics, maybe
North By Northwest
Ben Hur (long movie, though)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

For some animated features that aren't quite as "cutesy" you could try:
Iron Giant
Disney's Atlantis
Titan AE

Enrique B Chamorro

Supporting Actor
Sep 2, 1999
A hard call for a bunch of 20 year olds, hum.
Most action, thrillers and many dramas will fail because
of the limit on violence and sexual content.
What if many of them have seen it, is this just
for playing in the background or will everyone
sit down for a full screening?
How "old" can the movie be?
Do they want to be exposed to some classics?
I will NOT list any movies above.

Animated: (can still be fun for adults)
The Nightmare before Christmas
(great music, story holds well for adults & kids)
(jokes for both adults & kids, current music used)
The Yellow Submarine
(soundtrack with golden oldies)

A Christmas Story
(sometimes a Christmas story in July can
add a twist to the humor)
Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
(many have seen it, but plays well in the background)
This is Spinal Tap
(you have to listen to get the best jokes,
may seen dated for a 20+ crowd)

The Taming of the Shrew
(leave the subtitles on so you can get the jokes)
(after hundreds of years, what is still important,
trying to hook up)

The Elephant Man
(what is the measure of the human spirit)
Little Man Tate
Searching for Bobby Fisher
(how to and how not to raise a child)
The Lion in Winter
(great acting, families can be just as messed up
in 1183 AD )

(tap your shoe for the red, white and blue)
Blues Brothers
(some jokes can still get a laugh, great R&B soundtrack)
Singin' in the Rain
(many 20 year olds wonder why would anyone break-out
in a song, just because)

(can always get a debate going after-wards)

Tear Jerker:
Lorenzo's Oil
(may convince a 20 year old to never have kids)

(dated, but well done)


Supporting Actor
Oct 14, 2001
Searching for Bobby Fischer - "Why this movie did not get a greater reception is totally beyond me" from a fellow HTFer post.

Z - recently released, if you like political thrillers, 60s style (made in 1967). It was nominated for Best Picture and Best Foreign Film, and won Best Foreign Film, as well as Cannes. Lots of fast dialog, subtitled.

Local Hero - The movie that really put director Bill Forsyth on the map. Wonderful quirky Forsyth trademark comedy. Great Mark Knopfler/Dire Strait sound track.

Great Escape

ace peterson

Second Unit
Jun 4, 2001
My folks are what I would call "strict" catholics, but for some reason they love Meet the Parents! It has a few very brief scenes which some could call "sexual." However, taken in the context of the film, you can't really call them sexual moments. But for whatever it's worth, my folks like that movie a lot.

Alex S

Second Unit
Feb 21, 2000
Here are a few of my suggestions:
Silverado - one of my favorite westerns.
Honeymoon in Vegas - a classic comedy.
Jumanji - a great adventure movie.
Witness - one of my favorite dramas.

Brian Ralph

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 29, 2000
Ocean's 11
Thirteen Days

61* has some language, but that wasn't one of your criteria. It's also a great movie, not just a great baseball movie.

I don't recall much overt violence or sex in either Ocean's 11 or Thirteen Days.


Second Unit
Jul 8, 2002
Littleton, Colorado
Real Name
I completely agree with the previous mentions of Silverado, Superman, Apollo 13, the Princess Bride, and the Iron Giant.

I'll add:

the Abyss SE (pretty tame; great showcase for HT)
Ladyhawke (great for both men and women)
the Rocketeer (fun and REALLY clean)
Last of the Mohicans (maybe too violent, but women seem to love this flick anyway)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Far and Away (beautiful 70mm, great sounding score)

Louis C

Supporting Actor
Jul 5, 2002
I'll pile on and say these fit your bill:

Meet the Parents
Toy Story 2 (it is computer-animated, but VERY well done - not a cartoon in the classic sense)
Witness is great (one of my favs, but is borderline cause of violence and some sexual content tastefully done)
Groundhog Day - another personal fav and ALWAYS appreciated by those who have not seen it.

Ricardo C

Senior HTF Member
Feb 14, 2002
Real Name
Ricardo C
Jeff, didn't you know? It's not trolling if an Admin does it...


"Pleasantville" might not be the right film for your guests, given the masturbation scene and other assorted sexual situations.

I'd recommend:
- October Sky
- Field of Dreams
- Any Star Wars movie (of course, only TPM is out on DVD right now)
- Brewster's Millions (recently released on DVD, btw)
- Amistad (nudity, but it's not sexual at all)


i think ive only seen it mentioned once...


i watched it with my 24 year old brother and 50 year old dad, they both enjoyed


Supporting Actor
Jul 26, 2001
I can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned Better Off Dead just released today. Hilarious for a college aged group. No implicit sex or non-comedic violence as I recall. One of my comedy favs of all time.

One of the cult classic 80's films that may have not been seen by many.

Peter Overduin

Supporting Actor
Jun 30, 1997
Zardoz and Full Metal Jacket?!!! Whadya trying to do; get him a divorce?
Okay; here is the one, beautiful, rarely seen, muchly under-appreciated title you want to show, that will not offend. It is a foreign film.
A remarkable film about a French woman who makes a great sacrifice for her friends and, in so doing, brings reconciliation to a village.
Babette's Feast has been called a 'profoundly Christian film', not because of it's religious content (though there is some) but because it beautifully illustrates Grace. Philip Yancey devoted an entire chapter to the film in his landmark book What's so Amazing About Grace?
On the desolate coast of Denmark live Martina and Philippa, the beautiful daughters of a devout clergyman who preaches salvation through self-denial. Even after his death, his daughters follow his teachings, sacrificing their opportunities and desires to keep their father's teachings alive among the townsfolk. But the arrival of a mysterious refugee from France changes life in the village: Babette proposes a gourmet meal - a scandalous idea to those who fear losing their souls by indulging in any pleasure.
Filmed in Danish, this feature won the 1987 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. This DVD contains the original Danish and French soundtrack, or lets you hear a dubbed English or Spanish track.
Delectable! A fable told with passion, intelligence and sumptuousness. -Los Angeles Times
Exquisite, delicately told. -Leonard Maltin
1 hour 43 minutes

Darrel Johansen

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 7, 1998
Lots of good suggestions here, including some hidden gems, such as Forgotten Silver. However it might not be the best to show off your HT.
My suggestions from my collection:
Air Force One (superbit) - action, no sex, good guys vs bad guys
Will Penny - an absolutely GREAT western with fantastic locals and photography, great performances with a cast of cowboy extras assisting Charleton Heston including Ben Johnson, Slim Pickens, Bruce Dern, and introducing... Lee Majors!
The Caine Mutiny - great old Bogart classic
Castaway - Not the world's most pristine transfer, but still a fun movie.
The Dish
Fly Away Home - family entertainment, but nice story and visuals
The Natural - Great baseball movie that can be enjoyed even if you don't like baseball. Good music.
Uncle Buck - funny movie with John Candy and a very young McCauley Caulkin.
As Good As It Gets - Can't remember if there is any offensive language. It is a very sweet romance, though.
The Fugitive - What can I say...
Frequency - Good time travel movie - Mild violence, but nothing that 20 year olds should find over the top.
Starman - Cute romance with Jeff Bridges and Karin Allen. Again, some mild violence (fist fight, a game animal gets shot), but nothing offensive.
Boogie Nights -- no, strike that. :D

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