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Apr 18, 1999
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I finished this set up today. I like the show a lot. Some of them are a bit predictable , however half way through the season it got very good. Lots of story twist and turns.



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Jul 19, 2002
i enjoyed it quite a bit (bought it a couple weeks back and tore thru the set in a couple days).
i think it went quite far with a very constricting premise (which owes much to another show called Early Edition which i never watched).
i seem to be alone though in liking some of the earlier episodes better than the later, arc-centric, ones.
while some of the eps do succsessfully play off expectations, i agree that there seemed to be a higher than usual percentage of moments that were completely predicatble.
But i felt the show had more than enough other charms to not make this a big issue.
i was also a bit disappointed in the way two characters develop at the end-
but i do recognize the potential that was building.
this could have been a VERY entertaining (and somewhat profound) show for a good couple of seasons at least.

its a shame this is all there is, although i understand that there were a few other episodes filmed for the start fo the second season that never aired- Fox definitely needs to put those out!

Zack Galifinakis is a riot too-wonderful character and performance there

Jason Seaver

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Jun 30, 1997
It's okay to watch once, but I can't recall any individual episodes that stand out as good enough for revisiting, and the macrostory was a mess - it seemed clear by the end that the writers were desperate and really had no idea what to do with some of their characters. And the aborted second season had the potential to be worse - there were at least two or three new characters scheduled to be introduced to shake up a show that hasn't stopped shaking since its pilot.

Randy Gray

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Feb 1, 2004
I enjoyed the show a lot. And I thought the ending was a really great cliffhanger and set up for the second season. Also I didn't think there were as many preditable eps as some others have said, but maybe that's just me. Sure wish another network would pick it up.



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Jul 19, 2002
Dushku is a very engaging actress and being in almost every single scene of this series, its a testemant to her charisma that she was able to carry it.
and the character was sympathetic and easy to root for, which to me is the prime component neccessary for a good 'hero' show.
i liked the things that they were doing- where they were going or at least alluding to- whether they would have actually pulled it off is another story-
but the potential was there to touch on or explore some various interesting themes
-the nature of the after-life (heaven/hell/purgatory)
-the nature of yin/yang/ balance

i was kind of disappointed in the way the Priestly character progressed
instead of using his agenda as just the foil for the hero, it should have been elaborated as an entirely worthy POV in its own right- just because people want something (in this case to be saved) that may not be whats always best. kids want candy, but its up to the parent/grown-up to frustrate that want for the future benfit of the child.
they pay this concept lip service, but its clear they just want to use him as the menacing 'big bad' agent.
(and then threw in the backstory of the dad as a 'shocking' plot twist).

this could have grown into the TV equivilent of a really rich Veritigo comic with its own rich, idiosyncratic mythology- whether it actually would have is a moot point now.

i did enjoy the show, maybe more for the potential than what it actually had, but i don't regret the purchase and will re-visit it at least once more before i sell it off.
Dushku is in almost every scene and that alone makes it pleasant enough for me to sit thru.

the no-goodnik brother did really start to get on my nerves though.

as for no one over the age of 40 liking it- who cares?
since when is age a barometer of taste or quality anyways?
AVSforum is full of over 40 tech fetishtest who seem to confine themselves almost soley to watching the latest big budget hollywood crap because it looks and sounds more impressive on their $20K systems than better films of older vintage or lesser a/v quality.

Deb Walsh

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Feb 1, 2004
Make that three people over 40 who liked this show.

I haven't broken the cellophane on my boxed set yet, but I do intend to watch it soon. My big question is was there music substitution? There's nothing on the box to indicate there was, but after the Quantum Leap second season flap, I know I can't trust the box to tell me. I still have the entire series on my DVR, and I'm not willing to delete it until I know the episodes in the commercial release didn't change music.

Pete Battista

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Sep 20, 1999
Shepherdsville, KY. USA
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Only 35 myself... but I love Tru Calling! First of all I am a huge fan of Eliza Dushku every since she first appeared on Buffy. Plus I love the horror/supernatural genre.

I will admit I found some of the episodes predictable... and the series did start off slow... but it really picked up... and was turning into an excellent series!

I haven't picked this one up yet... was hoping to see it for Xmas but didn't happen... but I will be ordering Tru next week when I get paid. :)

Chad A Wright

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Jul 22, 2002
My wife loved Tru Calling. She made me sit through almost every painful minute of it. We don't have a lot of time to sit and watch TV, but she kept up with the show every week.

I personally hated it, but I'm not really into that kind of show. It reminded me of Charmed, and I would rather stab myself in the eye than watch it. Of course, my wife loves that show too.

Todd Stout

Jul 13, 1999
I caught a few episodes of Tru Calling last season and liked them. I was really looking forward to catching up with the show with reruns over the summer but that never happened. I guess I liked the show so well that I bought the season 1 box set on DVD the day it came out. I haven't watched any of the discs yet but I plan to in the near future.

I hope that the 6 episodes that were produced for the 2nd season find their way to DVD sometime soon. I have heard that Fox is going to broadcast them but I won't hold my breath. I really wish Fox would stop canceling the shows that I like (Tru Calling, Lone Gunmen, Freaky Links, etc.).

Dax P

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Apr 30, 2003
I thought it was okay. Not great, not awful. There were good ones, there were bad ones. The premise felt limited. A lot of it was 'predictable', but not to the point that I was terribly frustrated watching it... it's entertaining enough...

I watched because of Eliza Dushku. Love her.

Liked the introduction of Jason Priestly's character (or 'position' in the show's overall arc), but thought he gave a REALLY awful performance, so it got better AND worse for me at the same time...

I would like to see the six Season Two episodes that were produced, but I'm not 'missing' it too much.... I was pretty surprised they got renewed, and not too surprised they changed their minds on it... but if they'd made more, I'd have watched more... Dushku is a powerful draw...

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