Troubleshooting a car amplifierer remote turn on.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Jay H, May 12, 2008.

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    I'm pretty sure I have a loose wire somewhere but before I go fish out the remote lead behind my head unit, I'd like to make sure its not something internal.


    JLA 300/4 installed on a 2002 MR2, installed a few years ago. Recently, I've noticed only when the car is warmed up, and it's hot(er) outside, my amp turns on and off, I can hear the relay click on and off. Strange enough, I thought it was just a loose wire, over a bump, bang. But sometimes I've noticed it's perfectly fine, I can drive over bumps and all that, no problem. So, I'd like to use a 12v battery (I have a CR23 type remote battery that is 12v) that I can use but just wondering it it would just be easier to temporarily run a wire from the main power line to the remote turn on, since in effect, the remote turn on is operated by +12v which is the same as the power going to the amp itself. Would it be better just to do that and run that like that for awhile, manually removing it of course when I'm not in the car so as not to drain the battery, or do you think it be better just to run this battery to the remote turn on and then run the negative side of the battery back to ground?

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    That is an option but sounds like it would be a band aid fix to a possible bigger issue and have a hot wire doing the job of a low voltage turn on could cause bigger issues in the amp. I would take a meter and check all the voltages from the head unit and if they are good I would say the amp may need service. If it only happens when it gets hot it could be more then the turn on lead.

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