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Trouble with "Upgrade" AVR (1 Viewer)


Dec 27, 2016
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New here, hello all, and Happy New Year. Sorry for what might be a bit of a long post.

Desperately seeking some help here on an "upgrade" Christmas present my wife bought me. First just a bit of background that might be helpful. I have a small dedicated home theater in the side of a finished basement L shaped room. I am a bit of a dinosaur in that if it ain't broke, I don't fix it. I had a great sounding system, but I had a dead internal battery in my Yamaha RXV800, and it didn't handle the newest TrueHD. So my wife bought me a RXV581. My system is all matched paradigm speakers, and a goldenear sub. It's 5.1 as the room/area is small about 12x13 with a 65 inch screen, and a couple of easy chairs in the sweet spot. In dark, it was very immersive and I only preferred BTX or RPX to a home movie. The old system in the room sounded great, and was flat +/- 1 db at 80-90 db for action scenes, dialogue was crystal clear and anchored right to the front screen, center speaker. The system sounded seamless to me. I used SPL meter to calibrate. I also used it with simple DD with ES and DTS enabled automatically. No 70mm or scifi etc.

So, I set up the new Yami, and used the YPAO. Mike on tripod, 6" above ear position in sweet spot between two theater seats. The readings were 0 - +14 db, and it thought the speakers were 16" from mike. They were about 6.5' from mike.

The sound is horrible, no low end, and voices coming out of multiple channels. The old system played about 80db (in action) at -35 on dial. This one I had to turn up to +10 to get even close to the sound. The directions said to turn up sub half way, and crossover all the way up. I did so reluctantly as this sub puts out some serious volume. I got a W3 level error. I played around and learned I needed to set the sub back about where I had it, at 10 O'clock to get system to auto calibrate without an error. it seems that some sort of soundfield processing is the only way it will play through all channels. If I use "straight thru", it goes to 2 channel stereo.

I am going to try to set up manually, but it's no where near as user friendly as the Y800 was as far as menus. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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