Trouble resolving pluge--DVD Player or CRT Projector?

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    I hope it's ok to post this in this forum.

    I'm reposting this from the DVD Player

    area in the hopes of more feeback. (I heard

    this is where all the techs hang out)

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


    >I recently tried to do a video lineup

    with the Video Essentials DVD and

    had trouble with the pluge test. I could

    not see the "blacker than black" test signal.

    With the DVD came a notice which said........

    "The established method for setting the brightness

    control as described in Video Essentials requires

    a stripe of picture information that goes below black.

    Even though such image information is encoded and

    preserved in this DVD, most FIRST GENERATION players

    are not capable of repoducing it."

    My question is: does anybody know if the Sony DVP-S7700

    is considered a first generation player?

    (a repondent in the other forum says it isn't but

    that doesn't mean it will resolve the V.E. pluge test)

    I have a Sony CRT front projector which is highly

    accurate and I have noticed on some films a loss

    of information in dark areas that cannot be resolved

    by adjusting brightness or contrast, same with the

    V.E. pluge test.

    Time for a new DVD player?
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    I believe that version of the Sony does not pass blacker than black.

    The original Sony 7000 did, the updated 7700 did not. (this is from memory -- I may be wrong).

    AVIA contains a pattern that gives you a way to set black levek without blacker than black. Even with VE, you can use the gray steps in the 'advanced patterns' as a way to check your grayscale linearity.

    Ahh.. DVD players.. how about we fuss about the chroma bug next?


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