Trouble hooking up cable box to reciever

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by AdamA, Jan 22, 2006.

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    I am new to this so please bear with me.

    I have a Motorola Dual Tuner DVR Cable Box. I just got a Samusung HT-HDP40 Reciever/DVD player go with my Samsung 32" LCD. I chose the HDP40 because it has an HDMI in and out. The motorola has a DVI jack, so I connected a DVI-HDMI cord into the HDP40 HDMI in and then connected an HDMI cable from the out to the in on the LCD.

    While I can watch DVDs, the cable signal won't come through the reciever and into the LCD. I know its not the cords themselves because the HDMI cable works for watching DVDs and I tested the DVI-HDMI by plugging it directly from the cable box to the LCD. The LCD continues to work fine with just using component video cables, but I would like to try to get it to work using the HDMI cords.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Would the fact that the cable box uses DVI and the reciever uses only HDMI make a difference? I was told comcast has a new HDMI box.

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    I personally don't have the equipment that you have, however I do have a suggestion. The problem that you are having has been expressed on other forums click here and do some looking around.

    I believe the issue you may be having is a "Handshake" issue with the Moto STB and the Samsung receiver. The HDMI function of any piece of equipment not only serves to pass along digital info but also copy protection function, herein lies the problem.

    Does the DVI-HDMI from the cable box directly to the TV work? If so then I would probably bet that the issue is the "handshake" between the two different boxes.

    Good Luck.

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