Tripping the Rift Season 2 Confusion/Exclusives?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Rick P, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Rick P

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    ok, confusion reigns..

    Best Buy's ad has this touted as

    "the newly released Complete Second Season — Unedited and Unrated, which is only available at Best Buy. Nothing will be bleeped and you'll get additional uncut scenes"

    while Circuit City has an 'exclusive disc' with the original unaired pilots, but no mention of the being uncensored/uncut.

    Are there really two different versions???
  2. Mike Frezon

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    Rick: CC's is the rated version with a bonus disc (contains never-before-seen pilot episodes). BB has an unrated version. lists the rated version for $19.99. The BB flyers are showing the NR version at $21.99.

    There are scant more details in the Weekly RoundUp.

    The two covers in the flyers are also slightly different. The CC cover shows a big text circle with the words "Carmen Electra" placed directly over a busty girl's chest (I don't know anything about the show or its characters). The BB cover has that text circle plaed in a different part of the cover with the girl's cleavage fully exposed and a small rectangular text box which says "uncensored/exclusive/unedited". Hope that's a help.
  3. Steven Larson

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    Has anyone bought either one of these sets yet? I was wondering if the "unrated" version has enough "unratedness" to warrant the extra cost.

    I also wonder if the CC exclusive, unaired pilot is in fact the original short that was available online a couple of years ago? Or if it is truly a 30 minute pilot episode?

  4. _william_

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    The circles and rectangles are just stickers; once the wrapper is off I don't see any difference in the boxes. Also, looking at the first disc I see no difference; there is a total byte count difference. For the flipper disc, the difference is the unrated/uncensored BB exclusive discs have a capital letter "A" or "B" in the volume label as opposed to lowercase on the regular editions.
    The main difference - and how they did it, is all sides in the unrated/exclusive have an additional Dolby Digital 5.1 surround audio (not particularly hidden, it's also in audio set-up menu). So if you like your voices coming mostly from the center and uncensored, this is the track for you. If you DON't want the unrated version, playing the other 2.0 track is bleeped. What's censored isn't much, and many episodes don't have any audio censored as they mumbled over the line or another character chimes in more often than they actually say anything. However, I rather consider it worth if for the different sound pattern.
    As for extra footage - I haven't noticed any yet and I don't know about the pilot, just can answer questions about the BB version.

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