Tribute to Dolly Parton on Rounder Records, I wonder if it will be released on SACD?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Danny Tse, Jul 15, 2003.

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    Due on October 14th from Rounder Records, "Just Because I'm a Woman" will include ....

    "9 to 5" -- Alison Krauss
    "I Will Always Love You" -- Melissa Etheridge
    "The Grass Is Blue" -- Norah Jones
    "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" -- Joan Osborne
    "The Seeker" -- Shelby Lynne
    "Jolene" -- Mindy Smith
    "To Daddy" -- Emmylou Harris
    "Coat of Many Colors" -- Shania Twain with Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "Little Sparrow" -- Kasey Chambers
    "Dagger Through the Heart" -- Sinead O'Connor
    "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" -- Allison Moorer
    "Two Doors Down" -- Me'Shell N'dedge Ocello
    "Just Because I'm a Woman" -- Dolly Parton (new recording)

    Here's the link.
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    I think its a real possibility given all the bluegrass and other music released so far by Rounder. The AKUS recordings have been excellent. Also, check out the Dolly Parton SACDs, they are quite good. Saw two at Best Buy the other day. [​IMG]

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