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    I have had my Dishnetwork setup for about two years or so and I did do the install. The thing that always confused me was;
    How do you know the correct transponder for your bird? Does it matter? Do we pick the one that works the best? I may have had this info but no longer [​IMG]
    The reason I ask is this; I get above 100 on my signal strength's (both) but on some channels like HGTV I notice slight pixelation towards the bottom of the pic? WTF? Bad signal or bad feed?
    BTW-I have a Dish 500 too.
    PLMK [​IMG]

    My HT

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    There are a couple of reasons the signal level varies from transponder to transponder. I'm not sure which one it is but one of the Echostar satellites is damaged and only working at half power. Others are just more powerful. Also you could be fine tuned to one of the satellites at a given position.
    At the 119 slot there are two satellites. Echostar 4 and 6. Transponder 1 is on E*4 and carries seven channels plus six music only channels. Transponder 2 is on E*6. It carries eleven channels and four music only channels. Someone at dbsforums explained that there is about 60 miles between the satellites. That's not that much when they are 22,000 miles away from your dish.
    My guess is the real reason you are seeing some slight pixelization is the over commpression of some channels. HGTV is on E*4 TP2. There are thirteen channels and seven music only channels on this transponder. All of this info is .

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