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Transformers Season 1 region comparison (1 Viewer)

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Beware of at least one pop-up ad when you click on the first link!

I gave it a quick scan, and didn't see anything that greatly upset me on a once-over. I'll explore it more later when I have the time.

James Reader

Mar 10, 2002
Great page. I'm glad other people are just as confused over the Rhino supplements as I am!

In relation to the UK set you say:
Bumpers from this season (which were removed from the actual episodes on this set for some reason) and other seasons. (Bumpers are the scenes before and after the commercials that say things like, "The Transformers will return after these messages." and "We now return to The Transformers")
None of the 'bumpers' were included in the original UK showings (or to my knowledge any UK showing). Sometimes the episodes were shown without any adverts in the middle, and when they were shown with adverts it would only be one set halfway through the running time (with the TV station creating it's own (semi)'Branded' bumper. There would never be multiple advertising breaks in an episode.

There is strict control over the amount of advertising time that can be shown per hour in the UK (although this has been relaxed in the last couple of years).

I hope this clears up some of the UK issues for you.

Jeff Jacobson

Senior HTF Member
Dec 24, 2001
Beware of at least one pop-up ad when you click on the first link!
Sorry about that. I've been using Mozilla (a browser with built in pop-up blocking), so I didn't realize that Tripod has started using pop-up ads. (If anyone knows of a good free web host that doesn't use pop up ads, let me know.)


Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 2003
Guys, sorry to revive such an old topic but I have a question about the new limited edition tin set offered through Metrodome in the U.K.

Does anyone know whether this l.e. collector's tin would be able to house all 5 of my R1 Transformers box-set releases from Rhino ('Season 1', 'Season 2 Pt. 1', 'Season 2 Pt. 2', 'Season 3 Pt. 1', 'Season 3 Pt. 2 & Season 4')???

This would be the product I'm referring to btw:

I'm considering ordering it from Amazon.co.uk just to clear up some shelf space and keep my box-sets from Rhino organized and nicely packaged but I want to make sure that all of my season sets will fit. I think Rhino only released 4 box-sets in the UK as opposed to 5 because they packaged seasons 3 & 4 together as one complete set instead of splitting season 3 accross two seperate releases like they did in R1. Does anyone own either Region series and would you know if this would work in terms of size comparisons, etc?

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