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Mar 21, 2002
How's that Who song go? " Here's the new list, same as the old list" Or is it new boss, same as the old boss? This is my list and it's damn creaky but make me an offer. I'm going to have to get around very soon to put a list together for sale and I think it'll be pretty big so look out for it, need to dump a lot of my dvd's. Wife says there are too many and she can't find the light switches in the room anymore because they're stacked so high. She lies.

Below WS

Shiri SE (R1)

La Femme Nikita (R1)

Spiderman (WS) 2 disc

Highlander SE - the single, less fancy newer version.

Q The Winged Serpent OOP (sealed) - Roger Corman production and pretty smart for it's ilk.

West Side Story OOP (?)

Supergirl LE: OOP, sealed

Manhunter LE OOP 2 disc ($25)

Reanimator SE: (Elite OOP) ($12)

Aliens SE OOP - ($18)

Gosford Park ($13) - nice period whodunnit.

take these off my hands or maybe I'll throw them in with one of the trades above........ hmmmm, sounds good.

These VHS tapes also need a good home and can be combined for 1 or 2 dvd's

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle OOP
Escape From New York SE OOP
Addams Family Values
Officer and A Gentleman
Elvis The Great Performances Vol. 1 - 3


I've got a few movie posters that are rare, mainly STAR WARS(1977) standard poster that is the first release and rare - good condition and REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE reissue poster from the 50's I believe - fine condition. Email me and I can get check out more details.

Retro-cool Nintendo NES 8 bit game system w/ 2 controllers, a bunch of games with it such as Mario, Shadowgate, and a bunch of others. Very cool kitsch and will trade for dvd's or sell - email me 4 more info.

*TIMEX TRIATHLON IRONMAN WATCH - great condition, only used twice or 3.

*KENWOOD PERSONAL CD WALKMAN - 20 sec. antishock, remote control, car kit also included with all connections and instructions -used about 4 or 5 times, great condition.

*I also have a yellow GAMEBOY w/Pokemon Gold game included. Won't take up anymore room in the post, email me re: this and other items above.

RETRO FUNKY!! I have a VIDEODISC PLAYER in great condition made by Radio Shack, I believe and about 10 - 12 discs to go with it. This is that wild 80's technology that preceded dvd's. Very cool retro item and selling on Ebay for roughly $70 + ! Trade or sell.

WANTS: (pretty well open to all offers, just try me - apart from my list below)

Dreamcast Games - tell me which u have and condition, high wants: Ecco The Dolphin, Looney Tunes Space Race.


**DVD-audio discs**
Monterey Pop Festival CC box
Guitar For Dummies (or any other learning dvd's, software, etc. - honest!)
The Monkees: Head
Internal Affairs
Infernal Affairs (R0)
Beatles Anthology box
Billy Idol: VH-1 Storytellers
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas CC
Q & A (2nd release)
Baadassss Cinema: Black Exploitation films
Argento Collection: Tenebre/Deep Red
Outer Limits Season 1
Bad Influence
Labryinth Superbit
Hercules In The Haunted World
Das Boot SE
The Intruder (Willie Shatner is the MAN!)
Black Sabbath - not the group, dummy, the Bava movie
Baron Blood - Mario Bava
Elvis: The Definitive Collection boxset R1
blaxploitation flicks
Batman the Animated Series: Legend Continues
Truly Madly Deeply
Scooby Dooby Doo movies, preferably the original series
Richard Pryor concert dvd's
HR Pufnstuf
The World of Syd and Marty Krofft boxset

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